wishing I could send our worries away on a cloud

We're still getting over colds and what nots over here. I feel tired, stressed and anxious about everyone. My mom went to the doctor (thanks, to my brother bringing her in and covering the cost...my parents don't have insurance), finally. So, this is good and seems like she is being treated for something. I still don't have the details.

My dad is doing all right but is down because of issues w/ his car insurance, etc. I have a feeling it will work out and all will be well. I'll not worry and stress about it, too much.

The kids are all in various stages of colds/crankiness and what not. I thought I was getting better but my ear is clogged, again and I feel tired. Of course, I did a lot today, raked (with a face mask), painted the living room trim and am getting things spruced up a bit.

I wrote the above yesterday and now, I'm stressing all the more about my dad. I just don't want him to get too upset about things because he could have a stroke. It's frustating because things were going well w/ the insurance until a 3rd party person said they saw everything and gave a different opinion. I just don't know what to think...esp. when both the other cars said they were at fault. Either way, I just don't want my dad to stress out about it and get into further health problems. The good thing is my sis, sis-in-law, brothers and brother-in-law are all stepping up and helping with everything.

My feelings right now are to get my mom and dad to seriously think of moving back here w/ me and taking it easy/enjoy the grandkids and have some peacefulness in their lives. I sound like a broken record (said the same thing last year) but this year seems worse with all the cancer/falling down/potential stroke issues my dad is having. Just trying to pray and do the best I can from over here.

Good stuff is going to happen, I know it. I feel it in my bones; it's a matter of things going up after being down for so long. Deep breath.

Compared to my parents, my life is boring and routine like. I'm so thankful that Jon's job has health insurance and all the good things we have going on in our life. Money is a minor thing and we will find ways to help out my parents. I'm not going to stress out about it...too much.

What I need to do is not get depressed. Been there, done that and boy, can it eat up your time and energy. It's okay to be weepy and there is a time for that but not to let it swallow up chunks of time. I have to put on my big girl pants and pick my self up. I'll let my self cry for 10-15 minutes while I journal but that's it. lol

Okay, gotta get some stuff done. Gotta make a fresh pot of coffee and seize the day. Love to you all!


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