Magic flute

We decided to stay home from church. My ear is just starting to feel better (no headache/pain for the first time in 5 days), Jon is coughing and Harrison is starting to feel better after severe diarrhea yesterday. Poor child. It's terrible when babies get this and along w/ a rash. So, we just stayed home, relaxed, ate leftover Thanksgiving food and let everyone feel better from the past few days.

It is good to have time to rest and putter around the house doing a little of this and that. Yesterday, I was feeling better and did a little too much, I think. By 11pm I had a sore throat, I am purposely taking it easy.

Well, I was all excited about sewing some things and sat down at my machine. As soon I took 3 stitches, I broke the needle. I couldn't believe it. I took everything apart and sure enough, it was clogged w/ dust/thread residue. I cleaned that up. Set it up and started to sew...broke another needle! I was really getting upset and took it all apart again. I fiddled with it for an hour and my fingers started to feel numb and painful. Fortunately, my sis-in-law called and made me take a break. We did Christmas talking (without the little ears of the giftees). She told me to try working the machine the next day. I listened and did just that...and it worked! I did the exact opposite of what I needed to do, and wouldn't you know that was what I was supposed to do. sigh...

While I worked on the sewing machine today, I had the Magic Flute by Mozart playing. I felt inspired. My dad always says that Mozart brings out the genius in people...I'm starting to think my dad is on to something here. :) I'll see if it works while I do my art. lol

I'm just so pleased I got my sewing machine working, again. What a relief. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy~ Have a good Sunday.

Oh, and because I live in a small town, tomorrow is the first day of hunting. So, everyone gets that day off. Isn't that weird? lol I'll spend it baking w/the children and making pretzels. I'm actually happy about it because I missed so many days of activities w/ the children because of my ear/sinus infection. So thankful for having medicine available and minor health problems.


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