Busy Bee Industries

That should be my blog name or if I ever start a company, I'd name it the Busy Bee Industry. I feel mostly back to my self (even though, all the kids are sick and have colds in one form or another...caused by yours truly. Sorry kids!). I've been organizing and cleaning like crazy the last few days. It's good to get back into the groove. The bad thing is with sick kids, there is just that much more stuff to do...But they seem to be on the mend...just some sneezing and coughing. Hopefully, they will clear up soon and the weather is nice so we can enjoy the fall.

Actually, what the fall has shown me is our yard needs extra care...trimming back and raking seem to be in the forecast. If I do any raking, I'll have to wear a face mask. I'm not going to repeat last years inflammation of the lung from the leaves. scary. I wonder if this bothering me even now when we go on walks. I hope not but I have a feeling it has something to do with my headaches. Even if I'm annoyed by snow, at least I don't have to have breathing problems with that.

I have several projects that I need to get done. One is the Newspaper rack for the yearly contest...it's a charity. And then, there are some more with making new art for Etsy and going to Bedford to sell at some shops there. It's all good.

Plus, I want to have a sale and move some items on eBay. I'll see how that goes as it's a matter of time to get things listed, etc. That is something I am lacking quite a bit these days w/ a very curious kiddo. With my gals, they would play with each other but having only 1 child, you're the other kid/interest in their life (thankfully). However, it does make it a challenge. I think Grandparent time is coming up soon. Esp. since I need to get a hair cut and have to do some appointments coming up.

The good thing is we are plugging away and have gotten past Halloween. Now, there is prepping for Christmas. We usually go to one of the relatives for Thanksgiving, so not too much pressure, there. Christmas might be different as I wouldn't mind having people over and this means get things readied up...such as painting our kitchen and working on the bathroom. Which actually means, me doing all of this. I'm glad I'm mostly finished w/ the dining room but it was 99% me. Not easy, believe me.

I'm also painting the fireplace. I couldn't stand the dry brick look and went with creamy white. I'm thinking of doing a harvest theme for designs on the brick...I saw this in a Mary Englebriet magazine. Looked very charming. Cherry red mantle, as well. Eventually, I want to paint that room too, a warm golden orange color with white trim.

I love making a room pop and this will certainly do that. :) I have a quite a few plans and now to just do them.

In the meantime, I need to do a few other things that are long term plans. More on that later. I just have to see how things move in terms of applying.

One thing I just learned, if a toddler is throwing a fit, do not, DO NOT, act like him. This seems to throw salt into the wound. My, oh, my.

Well, I have to go fly off and do some more hive stuff. Have a great weekend!!


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