Trying to get things done...

I feel like even though I'm way over here in PA, I'm getting things accomplished in CA for my parents. Wow. :) Good feeling and hopefully, it means something. So far, it's phone calls/emails to get people to look into what's been happening w/my dad's fall and esp. to get representation. I'm just really, really nervous about my dad's health and praying he get's better every day. I'm worried as he sounds different and this is very scary.

I'm trying to be patient w/ certain relatives but they are bugging me by their passivity. I thought I was passive but they take the cake. Oy! Enough said...or my eye is going to be twitching all night long.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Deep breath<<<<<<<<<<

I got so frustrated, I wrote some macbra stories. Actually, they've been there for ages and I just needed to write them finally. I've got an idea of doing b/w illustrations and self publishing them. Wish me luck!

I'm so relieved to have the Rack art out of the way. Now, I can get busy with other projects I've wanted to do and gifties I need to finish. I'm so happy to do things for people I love and want to share things with people.

On a shallow note, I want to go thrift store shopping and look for goodies to cut up and make new things. I have to see if St. Vincent De Paul's is having a sale any time soon. I need to find some fabric to make some stuffed toys for some kids in my life.


Honestly, I've been so overwhelmed w/ the news lately...all the horrible stuff happening at Penn State in State College, and just the general yucky saddness of news, I just don't want to watch or see any of it. It doesn't help that my mom-in-law gave me 7 murder mysteries and they are just making me more or less freaked out all the time. Jon's like, get a romance novel and read that. lol Now, a part of me is like, I'm a tough cop and I can handle gore (yeah, right).

Also, all this week is kid/parent conference/education week something in other. For some reason, it's very heavy on the music stuff. I've got 3 music dates this week. Jon is, bless his heart, going in as a volunteer to talk about his Penn State Press stuff. He got them a pen's from marketing. The kids should like this. Actually, I think it's pretty cool too. :)

Plus, Jon is volunteering as a basketball coach 2 days a week. This is from the guy who is not a sporty guy...but it's a good experience for him. I hope he likes it. :)

Then, I have to talk to Lydia's speech pathologist on Thursday (a little lisp) and then Friday is choir. Geesh, when and how did my life get so crazy?

I'm tired because we went to the market and the kids were about 60% okay. Norrie started to get all obsessive about touching things and this drives me up the wall. And then, they got into a fight about ceral. I just wanted to shout but basically told them to sit down on a bench. Which they did. I swear the 2 yr old is better behaved then they are at times. I should have gotten them some fries or something (we went directly after mistake...unfed bears will go on a rampage, duh!!).



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