Happy Thanksgiving!

So, all week long I've been blah and sick and low energy. Finally, I got to see the doctor after trying to juggle schedules and get a time in. Apparently, I have double ear infections. For some odd reason, my tonsils seemed to be missing or or hidden...I honestly think my throat was just so swollen you couldn't see anything clearly. Anyway, I'm on antibiotics and can feel things drying up a little. Most of all, I don't feel so sore and plugged up.

I still felt low and not too excited about everything (dinner). Jon took care of the food stuff (baked yams) and we got to relax w/ some family. I felt very positive and thankful...even with health ickiness. My aunt called last night and I was like, wow. Thank you for reminding me of all the good things (even if my dad's health isn't 100%) that have happened. Miracles can happen. My dad has made peace with my brother-in-law, my sister is getting a relationship with our parents and everyone is being normal. Thank God! That is all I wanted and I feel like this is the best Thanksgiving...the best year, we've had a in a long, long time.

My dad called this morning and we had a great talk and I felt so blessed to hear him talking and being coherent and loving. It really made me feel good. Honestly, it was like a I got all these overdue Christmas presents from one conversation. :)

Then, we went to Jon's parent's and had a really, really good turkey for dinner w/ all the trimmings. I felt a little tired ( and still do) but it was so worth seeing everyone and visiting. We missed our sis-in-law as she was working but all in all, a good time.

The only sad thing is our dog Penny got a weird rash from her new dog coat. She wore it during the rainy days we had and it rubbed off a bunch of fur/made a scratch mark on her ribs. I was shocked. Thankfully, I bathed her and put witch hazel on it immediately. She seems to look more comfortable but if it's worse, we'll take her to the vet. Poor baby.

I have plans black Friday wise. well, being broke, you're kinda limited, anyway. lol It's not bad, really. I hope people do shop at my Etsy shop and get some nice gifts that are homemade. :)

However you spend your day tomorrow, have a great day. Hopefully, it will be sunny and pleasant and filled with leftover turkey! :)


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