throat aches

I feel like I'm getting a sore throat...started about 2pm. Thankfully, I didn't have to pick up the kids today as it's choir singing. :) I did spend a lot of time with Harry and prepping some crafts for Sunday school.

Plus, I did some art work. I'm a little annoyed only 1 thing sold on eBay. I guess it's harder at this time of the month to buy goodies. I'll try relisting at a lower starting price and free shipping, I think. Otherwise, I'll bring my crafts to the Holiday Craft Fair that is happening on December 6th in support of a church friend. More on that later.

I was praising my self for not losing my patience but I had a fight w/my sister. Sorry!! (hope she reads this soon).

Anyway, gotta do some sleeping soon. night


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