cooking has got me tired...

It's 3pm so, it's not too obvious as to why I feel sleepy/tired. I did a lot of cooking...made 2 soups and got veggies prepped for snacks. I also did some house chores and a walk w/ the dogs & man cub. I think the weather is making me sleepy too. Jon got today off from work and was a good sport by volunteering some time at the kids school for career day. He talked to 2 classes and they actually asked really good questions about his job as an editor at Penn State press. I was surprised at some of the questions Jon said they asked...about the coach and pres of Penn State and whether they would be writing a book about it. Interesting how kids are so aware these days.

I didn't realize that Thanksgiving is on the 24th this year. It seems like it was on the 26th or something last year. Oh, well. Geesh, I want a nap so badly.

Oh, and tonight is a church meeting too. So much stuff is happening. Why do we cram so much into a little fragment of time? Why do I do that??

I need to pull out of a bunch of supplies and start making things for gifts and new items but a nap is needed first. I do not want to carve up my hand or stitch a finger because I'm tired. I hope the little Mister will let me sleep on the couch while he has TV time.

I'm glad I got a lot done and I feel motivated. I also feel optimistic about helping my parents in PA and I'm not just a lump on a log. :)


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