Still sick, waiting for the doctors to call and so on...

My throat is killing me and my ears hurt but otherwise, my spirits are actually upbeat. Things are going well with some issues I had family wise. It's good to communicate, even if there are rough spots. It's worth getting things out and organized.

It's really annoying the doctor hasn't called back...the nurse was going to recheck but nothing since 11 am. I called at 9 or so. Geesh.

Jon is feeling lousy too. Norrie threw up yesterday, Lydia has a cough, Harrison fell asleep while snacking (not normal to do since giving up naps) and I feel sluggish. However, I feel so glad about certain things that I feel like we can handle it all. It's all right and we'll get past it.

Oddly, everyone else has been calling dad and mom (twice), our rector for the newsletter, and I think someone else but I forgot who. So, I'm popular. lol

I would like prayers for my dad...he's being stubborn about going to the doctors, again. So annoying. But I think he'll listen once he has an appointment and doesn't feel like he has to go to the ER.

I had 1 blow out w/my sis but it turned out to be a good thing. We got stuff aired out and I'm glad we're in a better, more understanding place. Isn't that just the way with sisters? :)

Also, I figured out how to revamp my little felt guinea pigs. I'm so excited they look really cute with their accesories and I think they will sell a lot better now. Sometimes, you have to make some mistakes and see how you can make something better...

Oddly, with having to take naps from this cold, it's made me have some new ideas, art wise. How funny to get inspirations between that area of rest/sleep and dreams. I have gotten quite a few inspirations this way. I'm sketching them out.

The biggest thing is getting the newsletter put together for Church. I see it as a challenge to get that cranked out as fast as I can. Usually, this depends on the info reaching me but once I have all of it, I like to plunk it in. Now, that I know a little more about design, it's becoming more interesting to see how the layout looks, etc.

Anywho, all in all, I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm glad we got sick before the big Turkey day. I admit I've been thinking about turkey for the last few days...We're not making one (my in-laws are doing it) but maybe I'll defrost ours anyway. It certainly would make everyone (pets included) drool. :)Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


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