Art stuff

I've finally updated my ebay shop and have new things up as well as sale items! :) Take a look here.

Also, lots of goodies in my Etsy shop with 50% off quite a few items. :)

I'm trying to get some final details on the news rack finished so I can have it ready to bring in on Sunday. Going to be fun and playful this year.

The other good thing is I'm getting my self organized and freshening things up at home. I really like the way the rooms are feeling. I'm starting to see how I can fix a few things as well (computer table/art table in the dining room). On the whole, things are starting to feel more spacious and not so drab-like.

With the news full of sad stuff (thinking of Penn State), it's a relief to absorb ones self in domestic matters instead of getting too involved with all of that. It's just hard when you hear in the news/newspaper and from various people you know. I'll write more on that later.

The good thing is stuff is being cleaned out, thank goodness. For my own self, I can't believe what a difference a coat of paint does for a room. Just amazing and under $20. I'll take some pics soon. I still need to do some touch up on the fireplace and finish the mantel. I can hardly wait to get another can of paint to do the walls in the living room. :) Even with all this work/sore muscles/dust/cleaning, it's so worth it to see a good change in your living space.

I need to do more work but am tired...we did Toddler Time at the library and got some books. Then, market shopping and then home again. We were supposed to do singing practice but I'm like, no, I'm just going to relax and work on getting the house organized. Glad I did that. The kids were very happy to hang w/ me and watch a movie. I just wish I wouldn't get so anxious and yell. Is that a mom thing to do? Plus, Jon had a meeting at church and I'm glad we could just relax and have waffles for dinner.

I'm also glad that my brothers and sister and I are all on the same page about family stuff. It's a relief and I'm glad we are communicating. It's a true blessing. :)

Well, I've gotta get ready for bed. I want to get up early and hopefully, get some painting in before the gang wakes up. It might snow tomorrow but I'm all right with that as we have the day off.

I had this plan of going to Bedford over the weekend, but I have a feeling I won't be able to do that. Time is just got away from me w/all the colds going through the family. Oh, well. I'm glad we're getting better...that's what matters.


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