Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lightning and Thunder, dark clouds and butterflies


Well, the butterflies were from yesterday. For some reason, either from the unusually warm humid weather or a bit of magic, there were so many butterflies out yesterday. I was amazed by the how many. I had the window down in the car and one or two nearly flew in. It was very nice and uplifting to see them as I did chores around town.


I took some pics of the sky, yesterday. It made the hills where I live look very foreboding...I'll have to upload those soon. Today we got the thunder/lightning from those clouds apparently. What a spectacular light show. Poor Jon is too sick to even enjoy them. He's the one who will sit on the porch and and feel "alive" with the thunder. Me, I run for my covers and peak out of them as the sky is fill with light. lol

It feels like the weather is a bit strange...humid, hot and damp. There are a lot of mushrooms everywhere. I love this.

I woke up with energy and feeling like starting the day but now, I feel sort of stuffie. I honestly feel like I spend too much time at the computer and the screen is too bright. I lowered the light on this thing and it does feel better. Still, I wonder if it makes me sluggish just sitting here. Looks like it just started raining...might be the weather making me feel blah too.

Frog sitting on mushroom I found this illustration I did awhile back...so cute!
Anyway, we got up early and are way above schedule. :) If it wasn't raining or if I had rain jackets for everyone, I'd go walk the dogs. I'll see how warm it is.

wagon trip nevermind, it's pouring outside

Anywho, have a good day. I made the dining room a mess trying to fix the scanner last night. Geesh...that's the first thing I'm going to clean up today. Praying that this day is not filled with too much cleaning and more creative works. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I took the kids walking yesterday and the dogs. It was a lot of fun and we climbed around St. Theresa and the kids picked dandelions. :) I wish I had brought my camera. Very sweet.

Later in the evening, I watched Dr. Who and did 15 minutes of walking while I watched. I didn't wear my shoes and about 11pm to 1 am I was suffering from toe spasms and arch problems. I felt terrible. Finally, around 2 am the ibuprofen kicked in and I could sleep. Stretching after all the walking would have helped and wearing shoes. :(

Then, I woke this morning and had a somewhat sad email from a family member. Basically, they got pulled into the black hole of insanity and illogical thinking. It's annoying because we know my dad is sick/ill and yet some people get pulled into his thinking and start blaming the sane people.

On Friday my dad called about 3 times and by the 3rd time, he was much more mellow. I've learned that if he hasn't eaten breakfast, he's worse. If he starts mentioning certain things/people, to listen and not say too much. When I try to give a different opinion, it will be rejected with "No, you are wrong." I'm glad I'm not a smoker or I would be smoking 3 packs a day! lol

Anyway, I'm glad my dad will call but I have to tell him he has limits. I'm going to say something like I love talking to you dad and I lover hearing about your ideas and stories. But if you start talking about animals (he wants me to get rid of my cats and dogs because they have "germs"), I will have to stop talking with you now. I've read that some elderly parents will do this...bring up subjects to push buttons and so on, and boy, does my dad ever do this.

The good thing is we decorated the house for Halloween. Thank goodness for some good stuff! lol I need to take some pics and do some more outside decorating. But I'm so pleased with the mantle looking festive. :)

I was really feeling bad yesterday about a lot of stuff...but now I feel better. I missed church but I needed sleep.

Also, so glad to have done some art and need to finish a birthday gift for my sis-in-law. Jon was a sweetie and cleaned up the guinea pig cage and brought them up for the kids and I to enjoy. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling better

I don't know what it was but I must have caught a mini-bug. I feel better now but last night, geesh. I felt awful and yucky.

Today is a new day and I'm excited to get some work done. For the last few days, I've been doing a lot of volunteer work...for me. Let me repharse this, I've been doing a lot of volunteer work with a 2.5 yr old, tending kids and house stuff while not feeling so hot. So, I feel a bit like it's time to unwind and make some mess.

Paint Brush In Hand

Before I go on, I have to mention that I volunteered at my daughters' school library. It was actually fun. It was sort of like a workout chasing the little guy but otherwise, it was nice to do something outside of the house and see new people.

Now to art stuff:

I tried out calligraphy and finally used a pen set that my friend gave me about 14 yrs ago. lol I hope I didn't break a nib as I was changing them. I realize it's very hard to do calligraphy. I'll keep trying even if my fingers turn black. It does make a wonderful drawing tool...I want to try more of this if I can just not overfill the well in the nib and smear ink all over the place. It's a real challenge! I've used Micron pens 002,003,005 for fine details but they dry up, get bent on the tip or else are too controlled in their line ability. I love the way artists from the 1930's to 1950's or so (and I'm sure more recently), have lines that just seem to have a life of their own.

Winnie the Pooh (1926)

I was reading about inking and found people don't use felt tip pens but calligraphy. Hence, my "sudden" interest in trying this. Oh, well. I'll make sure to have extra rags for clean up.

My other artistic adventures include falling in love with needle felting. Oh, it's so much fun! It's so frustrating because you can really hurt your self if you're not staring at your work. It makes watching a movie hard to do...I end up listening to half of it. Jon is like, did you see that? I'm like, no...ouch!

Otherwise, I need to get some paintings done...my wood carvings that I want to enter in a show in Bedford. Wish me luck. I made 2 wood carvings and they are larger then what I usually do. I really love wood working and would do more but someone has decided to refuse naps...sigh. I'll have to get a lot done (carving wise) over the weekend or just ask my in-laws to watch him for a few hours. That would be bliss!

Now, I need to do some exercise, get the kids up for school, get the kids to school and then do some art work. It's also raining but because I love the rain, it's not a bad thing in the least. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

candy car from friend

candy car from friend by Emilyannamarie
candy car from friend, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Cristy and kids made these cut candy cars. We just finished the last batch. Might have to get some supplies and make our own. Love these!

boat ride

boat ride by Emilyannamarie
boat ride, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

It's Fall

Leaves are falling and Autumn is easing her way in. I just wish I didn't feel my sinus puffing up from the smell of fireplaces and crunched leaves. I'm such a downer when it comes to this time of the year. Sorry! I will be happy when snow falls and promise only to complain about cabin fever, ice and salt used on the streets. :) Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tim Neumark - Dawn

rainy day

If I have all the things for it, I will be baking oatmeal cookies. I have to get the crock pot going too. Once these are out of the way, I can get some chores done...newsletter stuff, laundry, taking care of the little guy and so on. And I don't feel 100% but what can you do? I'll just take things slowly.

Have a great Tuesday. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Witch and Kitty Art Quilt

This is a new art quilt I finished the other day. I really love needle felting the kitty and will have to do more of these little critters. :)

It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life - official poster

Lately, I've noticed how similar our time is to the Great Depression. Actually, I've known this for about 8 years. It shouldn't surprise me that smaller towns are hit by the economy much faster than big cities, but when I moved here, it was as if someone had smacked me in the head with how very personally effected people are by this. It's not easy and it's not fair. But you do what you have to do and thank goodness, there are many people out there willing to help.

(Scene from) It's a Wonderful Life ? [v2]

It was one of the reasons why I had to step down from a local Children's Museum...no funding was coming in. It made me want to focus on things that were very important, such as my church and especially my family. I had to give up homeschooling, in part, because it was too financially draining. This was actually a blessing because we've found a school that fits us.

So some of my dreams/goals changed and I'm all right with that. I like how going to a school has enriched my kids lives with friends and new experiences. I like how we go to a sweet and caring church that puts children first (they recently started a new program called "The Beacon" that is a haven to junior & high school aged kids). I like how people are realizing that running away from a problem doesn't solve it, much like the character George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life" finds out. It does take elbow grease, sweat, strength of character and moral integrity to make giant strides against the normal wear and tear of life...let alone against apathy and gossip. I guess I was thinking about how there is another local group being shut down, Angel Food Ministries that shut down. It's sad that so many families will be cut out of help.

Mr. Potter Lionel Barrymore It's a Wonderful Life

And in the movie's case, a mean old man who whispers words of fear/hate and deliberately hides/steals funds from the Bailey's.

It's A Wonderful Life

Even if George Bailey's wife didn't get everyone together to raise the funds for their bank, I think that George would have rode the tide of scandal with his head held up high because he knows now that he did a lot more good then bad. He knows that, yes, bad things happen but you get through them by working on the bad things and not running away. You see the gold in the eyes of your loved ones.

James Stewart - it's a wonderful life - _08820


If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden. He will not be searching for happiness as if it were a collar button that has rolled under the radiator.

- W. Beran Wolfe

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wrinkle in Time, Sisters fighting, friends in the middle, diaper changing


and endless dishes washed and meals being made. This has been my day. I'm tuckered out and I didn't even get to do a workout or anything. Well, I thought about doing stuff. The good thing is I have more allergy pills (Thank God) and I'm talking to my dad about stuff. I've said this before, but it's really like talking to a crazy lawyer. Just praying that he realizes that we're not trying to hurt him, but trying to get him to take his medicine and be strong.

With all of this going on, there is school stuff marching in left and right, cranky 2.5 year old, getting church stuff going, worrying about church stuff, trying to get my stuff one EBay and Etsy to sell and worrying about money like everyone else. And some friends are going through some sad things. Sigh...And now, I'm worried about my sis being down and my brothers. At least my one brother is getting married and that is exciting and happy. :)

Honestly, I think it's okay to be down and depressed for a little bit. Some people schedule a time to be down and I like this a lot. I need to time it better...say, when everyone is sleeping in the early morning at 6am or something. It's just not okay when it makes you just want to hide from the world or hurt others. Why is life so scary sometimes? Why is it so, so painful and you just want hold everyone or have someone hold you?

A Wrinkle in Time
I'm reading "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle. It's making me extremely emotional about my dad. I still can't believe how close to home this book is hitting me. And there are so many truths in there...it's seeing that people are flawed and seeing that nobody is God-like in their ability. But in connecting their abilities, maybe we can create, God-like actions.

Well, I just found out someone fell asleep on the couch, after all. Mama 1, toddler, zip! hahaha! Nap time is back, baby!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New auctions on EBay! :)

I've made some new skeleton dolls.
skeleton girl w pumpkin

I like the way they came out. I've also listed a Guinea pig art quilt and some other goodies. :)

guinea pig quilt

I want to make a new larger folk art quilt...I'm inspired by Chris Roberts-Antieau. I want to create works with my own feel/ideas to them as she does. I might incorporate more of a mixed media feel as I want to use wood in there too. So, we shall see how it comes out.

I'm feeling better about photographing my work now that I'm using a mini-tripod. I don't know why I didn't do this before. I didn't forgot- how sensitive the camera is when using manual.

So much is due next week...the church newsletter, my sister's birthday, my sister-in-laws birthday and some art due on Saturday. I hope I get myself going and get stuff done this weekend.

The temps was about 60 this morning...when we went to pick up the kids, it was 40! I couldn't believe how much colder it got in a few hours. I need to get all my plants inside tonight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

skeleton girl w pumpkin

based on some of my skeleton illustrations

skeleton girl

skeleton girl by Emilyannamarie
skeleton girl, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

skeleton girl pumpkin appears

  by Emilyannamarie
, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

some of my new work on eBay


looks like these dears left the nest!

baby doves

I saw one sitting on the gate today. I was very happy to see it all bunched up and happy in the sun. :)

The kids saw a stray kitty down the street from us. I have no idea where it is or if it belongs to someone. I said, if it comes to our door, we'll help it. I just don't want to encourage chasing a cat in the streets. I remember doing something like this for an injured pigeon when I was a kid. I remember it was near my elementary school and a teacher told me not to do this as I would get hurt. Glad I listened to her. :)

I can't believe it's Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday. It's a shortened week (no school Friday). I like 4 day school weeks. :) I guess I started to miss my kids. I'm such a mom. lol!

Today is the type of day

where I wish I had a hammock...or 5. Then, we could all snooze for a bit on this cozy afternoon. sigh~~

Pack 'em in!

Monday, September 12, 2011

no nap time means

tired and grumpy with a touch of crankiness. Not the 2.5 yr old...me, that is. I puttered and did a lot of nothing. I want to complain and be annoyed. The good thing is my mind is creating new works and I'm excited to do some art stuff. :)

Plus, Jon is making dinner and I think I will take a 15 minutes nappie poo. Love to you all~

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"My feeling is that there is nothing in life but refraining from hurting others, and comforting those that are sad." ~Olive Schreiner

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A calm Saturday of sorts

I went balistic and dragon crazy cleaning up the house...not because of any reason but I missed lunch and was super grumpy.

I can see my mom saying, yep, that sounds like you (and saying, why are you writing this on your blog?). hahaha sorry, mom!

Anyway, after I apologized and got calm again (after eating lunch), I was happy. Jon brought up the guinea pigs and I took time to pet them and admire their sweetness. I needed that.

nibbliing goodies
Later, I did a small amount of weeding in the garden. After all that rain, the ground is soft as icing. Lovely. I found two enormous cucumbers, some peppers and picked some basil.

garden haul
It needs serious cleaning up...I've been afraid of the bees, to be quite frank. The mint attracts them like crazy, and if they are there, I'm not going to bother them.

It was so nice to have the warm sun out and I got my free calendar from Vista print. :) I think I might make several more...actually, photo books. They're fun.

I made the dogs some cute Halloween inspired bandanas...they totally shred these to bits with their rolling around in the dirt.
penny sporting her doggy pumpkin kerchief
I didn't make a hem and this weakened the design. I just finished another 4 (2 for my daughter's friend's dogs). These are hemmed. I need to find some school print and other holiday fun stuff. I really love how the dogs look dressed in these.

doggy pumpkin kerchief

Did I share this painting before?

Spaghetti Night!

I'm going to put this up on eBay. I love it! It's so corny and cute. lol

I was trimming some branches that had gotten saggy from all the rain and was trimming this one branch, when I stopped and looked up. There were two baby doves sitting in their nest. I thought, my gosh, I've ruined their home. Today, I went outside and there was the mama (or papa) protecting them. :)

I was so relieved!

baby doves
I think doves might be my most favorite bird. They are so beautiful.

And I will be putting this on Etsy:

sunflower brooch

I hope I have energy to do this...I'm being talked to in stereo with the kids. Was I ever that verbal as a kid? probably.

The dogs were much better today although, Mr. Nelson decided to dig in the sand box. He looked absolutely horrible like a giant sand ant. I took a picture. You will get to see him soon.

suitcase fun

suitcase fun by Emilyannamarie
suitcase fun, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

one of my suit cases where I keep some supplies. Fun stuff


framed art` by Emilyannamarie
framed art`, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

I made this frame, ribbons and rick rack, hand painted/cut out apples with my kids photo for Jon's mom. I need to make one for my mom, I think too. :)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Feeling better

I woke up with just a slight headache, took a hot shower and had coffee. I feel a lot better, finally. I'm embarrassed to say, I think I got the headache when I dumped out the cat litter and the dust was swirling around. I need to get a face mask. Jon said he will do all of that stuff but I feel like I can do this with the proper tools. I feel like I lost time because I was careless. At least it wasn't as bad as when I raked the leaves last year. That was horrible (breathing problems).

I wonder if I'm allergic to pine trees? Maybe we can take out the maples and put in pine or something that doesn't shed too much. An evergreen would be pretty.

I missed parents meet the teacher night but Jon went. Actually, H and I feel asleep. I got a nap, and he went down early. We did quite a bit of walking once it dried up a little. For some reason, I thought it was chilly and over dressed both of us. lol

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Still have a headache...

it's making me grumpy and upset. I took a nap and feel a pinch better but am still blah feeling. I feel sick to my stomach but trying to be calm.

We almost got hit by a big red truck at the kids school. We were half way across the crosswalk and this truck is driving down the hill like he doesn't see us. I'm like, is this guy going to stop? He keeps driving like we're not there. So, I slow the kids down and he almost stops but is right in the middle of the crosswalk. I'm like, what the heck?? My eldest starts to walk because she is on my other side. He nearly runs her over and I give him a dirty look...I see he is talking on a cell phone. And I get the distinct impression there is alcohol involved. I see this little boy sitting next to him and he scowls at me too. Fabulous. I wish I had grabbed my umbrella and hit the truck but was pushing the baby stroller. I wish I had written down his license plate number too. What a crazy person. I mean, really. Jon said they need to install video recording cameras to catch offenders. I like this idea very much. Sort of like Altoona becoming a bit like London. Why not?

It just made me feel as though there needs to be tougher laws on traffic offenders as well. The police could raise a lot of much needed revenue catching people driving incorrectly. Also, the city truly needs to rethink their policies on streets and sidewalks. Having stop signs, lights and providing sidewalks, up lifts neighborhoods and attracts business. This beautifies an area and draws people to small towns. It makes people feel they are valued and gives guidelines to how people drive...with courtesy and respect. By having more stop signs, people are guided into slowing down in 25mph zones instead of driving the 40 if there isn't a stop sign. I know because I live on a street that says 25 but see people going 40 or more. If I drive in a place with stop signs, you just won't see people driving fast. Period. Okay, I'll stop now because I'm getting worked up on this.

Naughty doggies

Honestly, I don't let the dogs upstairs for this very reason: They HATE the cats. They especially hate Simone, my eldest, tough-ass, cat from hell, claw your eyes out if you dare cross her path, and all time terror to dogs. They like Sampson (well, Penny does...not Mr.Nelson) and they go after the beloved Kiwi (the extremely gentle and loving kitty who looks like an over grown kitten). Sampson and Kiwi will run like hell when it comes to the dogs chasing them in their dog frenzy. Simone will stand her ground and say, just you dare come closer and then, swipe their nose's open with a claw. I tried to stuff her in the kitty door to the 3rd floor, and she was like, don't even think it. She stood there in the hallway at age 22 yrs old, staring down two dogs who were going dog wild on her. They chased her into my room under my bed where I heard the whelp of the dogs getting hit. I'm like, I told you! I told you not to chase her. Sometimes, dogs are plain stubborn to stupidity. lol I think I've just made a new expression here. lol

Penny (who, me?)

my crazy dogs

up high (no I didn't put them in the tree house as punishment)

Now, both dogs are outside, banished, licking their wounds on this gray over cast day. They will have to be very sorry before they can come back in. Simone has gone back to her warm spot on the bed, proudly showing off her Queen status.

Simone: Goddess of Gray Cats

All of this happened while I was trying to put my little Mister down for a nap. We took a nice long walk (with the dogs, who should be relaxed after that...guess not) and he was ready to pop down for a bit. I am too. I've got a headache/earache combo. I guess it's from the storm coming in.

Migraine Headache (sometimes, when I get a headache/migraine, it feels like someone is using a jackhammer on my head...not pleasant)
I want to do some art work but feel tired from all of this. I didn't even clean...well, I swept half the rooms down here. I hope I feel better for the Meet the teacher thing tonight. I still haven't gone to wood carvers group. I want to but feel shy. I hate feeling like that.

It's so quiet now that everyone is somewhat pacified. Nap or art? A sweet artist friend said she did art instead of napping and made a beautiful piece of work. She doesn't have a 2.5 yr old and crazy dog/cat fights happening. I feel jealous and grumpy. I think I'll try to get rid of this earache pain w/ a heating pad and see what happens. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

quote of the day

"It is hard for the good to suspect evil, as it is for the bad to suspect good." -Cicero

I usually like the rain...

but this is getting a bit much. I'm almost afraid to look in the basement (and it's not just the because of the flies...yes, they are back). Good grief! This rain is sort of like a strange cloud over the whole area over here...it's rained since Sunday. And guess what? It's supposed to rain till Saturday! It's only Tuesday.

Basement Flooding Not my basement, thankfully

Today is also the 1st official day of school. It wasn't too bad getting there and the kids got up 15 min earlier then their alarm. lol They are ready to go. Well, we were waiting to drop the kids off in front of the school when Norrie's glasses pop one of the lens out. Poor kid is like, my lens! We hunted and they finally ran off or risk being late. I looked some more, couldn't find it. I drove over a few blocks and away (my sis-in-laws house is 2 blocks away) and hunted some more. I found it sitting on the door gear (sliding door) once I sat down and pretended I was an 8 yr old. lol Of course, I handed it over to the secretary and was like, thank goodness! Harrison had fun seeing the school and was properly cooed over. :) Love that.

I need to get the gals some raincoats, I think. They have umbrellas but a raincoat would be nicer, easier and more comfy. They have the dreaded yellow poncho's (which have been duct taped a few times...someone, I think didn't like them and they "accidentally" got ripped). sigh. I see little dollar bills flying out the window as I type this. Oh, well...

In other news, I'm cleaning up stuff and making things feel more under control. Basically, cleaning up the 3rd floor so they can play up there now that the weather is so muddy/damp.

I need to make some fresh coffee (burned the last batch) and do some art. I still need to put up some smaller works on eBay...would anyone be interested in a batch of animal paintings? I'll give it a try. :)

Have a great day!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Get Fuzzy

I needed an emotional life this week...Get Fuzzy hit the spot.

wood flower fairy ornament

Some new goodies I'll be listing on eBay this week.

Rainy Days in London

It's a rainy day today...Jon is off work. Thinking about going to canoe creek as a last day before school starts. Oh, I'd rather have a rainy day than the humidity we had the past 2 days. It was so humid my hair was actually doing frizzy strands. How, annoying.

I finished the wood carving for my dad in law:
1949 Triumph 2000

He was happy with all the people there, too. :)

grandpa's birthday

I like the candid picture too:


Plus, Ed was lucky it rained on his birthday. I love when that happens. :)


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