A calm Saturday of sorts

I went balistic and dragon crazy cleaning up the house...not because of any reason but I missed lunch and was super grumpy.

I can see my mom saying, yep, that sounds like you (and saying, why are you writing this on your blog?). hahaha sorry, mom!

Anyway, after I apologized and got calm again (after eating lunch), I was happy. Jon brought up the guinea pigs and I took time to pet them and admire their sweetness. I needed that.

nibbliing goodies
Later, I did a small amount of weeding in the garden. After all that rain, the ground is soft as icing. Lovely. I found two enormous cucumbers, some peppers and picked some basil.

garden haul
It needs serious cleaning up...I've been afraid of the bees, to be quite frank. The mint attracts them like crazy, and if they are there, I'm not going to bother them.

It was so nice to have the warm sun out and I got my free calendar from Vista print. :) I think I might make several more...actually, photo books. They're fun.

I made the dogs some cute Halloween inspired bandanas...they totally shred these to bits with their rolling around in the dirt.
penny sporting her doggy pumpkin kerchief
I didn't make a hem and this weakened the design. I just finished another 4 (2 for my daughter's friend's dogs). These are hemmed. I need to find some school print and other holiday fun stuff. I really love how the dogs look dressed in these.

doggy pumpkin kerchief

Did I share this painting before?

Spaghetti Night!

I'm going to put this up on eBay. I love it! It's so corny and cute. lol

I was trimming some branches that had gotten saggy from all the rain and was trimming this one branch, when I stopped and looked up. There were two baby doves sitting in their nest. I thought, my gosh, I've ruined their home. Today, I went outside and there was the mama (or papa) protecting them. :)

I was so relieved!

baby doves
I think doves might be my most favorite bird. They are so beautiful.

And I will be putting this on Etsy:

sunflower brooch

I hope I have energy to do this...I'm being talked to in stereo with the kids. Was I ever that verbal as a kid? probably.

The dogs were much better today although, Mr. Nelson decided to dig in the sand box. He looked absolutely horrible like a giant sand ant. I took a picture. You will get to see him soon.


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