Naughty doggies

Honestly, I don't let the dogs upstairs for this very reason: They HATE the cats. They especially hate Simone, my eldest, tough-ass, cat from hell, claw your eyes out if you dare cross her path, and all time terror to dogs. They like Sampson (well, Penny does...not Mr.Nelson) and they go after the beloved Kiwi (the extremely gentle and loving kitty who looks like an over grown kitten). Sampson and Kiwi will run like hell when it comes to the dogs chasing them in their dog frenzy. Simone will stand her ground and say, just you dare come closer and then, swipe their nose's open with a claw. I tried to stuff her in the kitty door to the 3rd floor, and she was like, don't even think it. She stood there in the hallway at age 22 yrs old, staring down two dogs who were going dog wild on her. They chased her into my room under my bed where I heard the whelp of the dogs getting hit. I'm like, I told you! I told you not to chase her. Sometimes, dogs are plain stubborn to stupidity. lol I think I've just made a new expression here. lol

Penny (who, me?)

my crazy dogs

up high (no I didn't put them in the tree house as punishment)

Now, both dogs are outside, banished, licking their wounds on this gray over cast day. They will have to be very sorry before they can come back in. Simone has gone back to her warm spot on the bed, proudly showing off her Queen status.

Simone: Goddess of Gray Cats

All of this happened while I was trying to put my little Mister down for a nap. We took a nice long walk (with the dogs, who should be relaxed after that...guess not) and he was ready to pop down for a bit. I am too. I've got a headache/earache combo. I guess it's from the storm coming in.

Migraine Headache (sometimes, when I get a headache/migraine, it feels like someone is using a jackhammer on my head...not pleasant)
I want to do some art work but feel tired from all of this. I didn't even clean...well, I swept half the rooms down here. I hope I feel better for the Meet the teacher thing tonight. I still haven't gone to wood carvers group. I want to but feel shy. I hate feeling like that.

It's so quiet now that everyone is somewhat pacified. Nap or art? A sweet artist friend said she did art instead of napping and made a beautiful piece of work. She doesn't have a 2.5 yr old and crazy dog/cat fights happening. I feel jealous and grumpy. I think I'll try to get rid of this earache pain w/ a heating pad and see what happens. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said…
Sorry the dogs were so annoying!!! Most of the time, they're cute!

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