looks like these dears left the nest!

baby doves

I saw one sitting on the gate today. I was very happy to see it all bunched up and happy in the sun. :)

The kids saw a stray kitty down the street from us. I have no idea where it is or if it belongs to someone. I said, if it comes to our door, we'll help it. I just don't want to encourage chasing a cat in the streets. I remember doing something like this for an injured pigeon when I was a kid. I remember it was near my elementary school and a teacher told me not to do this as I would get hurt. Glad I listened to her. :)

I can't believe it's Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday. It's a shortened week (no school Friday). I like 4 day school weeks. :) I guess I started to miss my kids. I'm such a mom. lol!


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