Feeling better

I woke up with just a slight headache, took a hot shower and had coffee. I feel a lot better, finally. I'm embarrassed to say, I think I got the headache when I dumped out the cat litter and the dust was swirling around. I need to get a face mask. Jon said he will do all of that stuff but I feel like I can do this with the proper tools. I feel like I lost time because I was careless. At least it wasn't as bad as when I raked the leaves last year. That was horrible (breathing problems).

I wonder if I'm allergic to pine trees? Maybe we can take out the maples and put in pine or something that doesn't shed too much. An evergreen would be pretty.

I missed parents meet the teacher night but Jon went. Actually, H and I feel asleep. I got a nap, and he went down early. We did quite a bit of walking once it dried up a little. For some reason, I thought it was chilly and over dressed both of us. lol


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