Lightning and Thunder, dark clouds and butterflies


Well, the butterflies were from yesterday. For some reason, either from the unusually warm humid weather or a bit of magic, there were so many butterflies out yesterday. I was amazed by the how many. I had the window down in the car and one or two nearly flew in. It was very nice and uplifting to see them as I did chores around town.


I took some pics of the sky, yesterday. It made the hills where I live look very foreboding...I'll have to upload those soon. Today we got the thunder/lightning from those clouds apparently. What a spectacular light show. Poor Jon is too sick to even enjoy them. He's the one who will sit on the porch and and feel "alive" with the thunder. Me, I run for my covers and peak out of them as the sky is fill with light. lol

It feels like the weather is a bit strange...humid, hot and damp. There are a lot of mushrooms everywhere. I love this.

I woke up with energy and feeling like starting the day but now, I feel sort of stuffie. I honestly feel like I spend too much time at the computer and the screen is too bright. I lowered the light on this thing and it does feel better. Still, I wonder if it makes me sluggish just sitting here. Looks like it just started raining...might be the weather making me feel blah too.

Frog sitting on mushroom I found this illustration I did awhile cute!
Anyway, we got up early and are way above schedule. :) If it wasn't raining or if I had rain jackets for everyone, I'd go walk the dogs. I'll see how warm it is.

wagon trip nevermind, it's pouring outside

Anywho, have a good day. I made the dining room a mess trying to fix the scanner last night. Geesh...that's the first thing I'm going to clean up today. Praying that this day is not filled with too much cleaning and more creative works. :)


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