I usually like the rain...

but this is getting a bit much. I'm almost afraid to look in the basement (and it's not just the because of the flies...yes, they are back). Good grief! This rain is sort of like a strange cloud over the whole area over here...it's rained since Sunday. And guess what? It's supposed to rain till Saturday! It's only Tuesday.

Basement Flooding Not my basement, thankfully

Today is also the 1st official day of school. It wasn't too bad getting there and the kids got up 15 min earlier then their alarm. lol They are ready to go. Well, we were waiting to drop the kids off in front of the school when Norrie's glasses pop one of the lens out. Poor kid is like, my lens! We hunted and they finally ran off or risk being late. I looked some more, couldn't find it. I drove over a few blocks and away (my sis-in-laws house is 2 blocks away) and hunted some more. I found it sitting on the door gear (sliding door) once I sat down and pretended I was an 8 yr old. lol Of course, I handed it over to the secretary and was like, thank goodness! Harrison had fun seeing the school and was properly cooed over. :) Love that.

I need to get the gals some raincoats, I think. They have umbrellas but a raincoat would be nicer, easier and more comfy. They have the dreaded yellow poncho's (which have been duct taped a few times...someone, I think didn't like them and they "accidentally" got ripped). sigh. I see little dollar bills flying out the window as I type this. Oh, well...

In other news, I'm cleaning up stuff and making things feel more under control. Basically, cleaning up the 3rd floor so they can play up there now that the weather is so muddy/damp.

I need to make some fresh coffee (burned the last batch) and do some art. I still need to put up some smaller works on eBay...would anyone be interested in a batch of animal paintings? I'll give it a try. :)

Have a great day!


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