Still have a headache...

it's making me grumpy and upset. I took a nap and feel a pinch better but am still blah feeling. I feel sick to my stomach but trying to be calm.

We almost got hit by a big red truck at the kids school. We were half way across the crosswalk and this truck is driving down the hill like he doesn't see us. I'm like, is this guy going to stop? He keeps driving like we're not there. So, I slow the kids down and he almost stops but is right in the middle of the crosswalk. I'm like, what the heck?? My eldest starts to walk because she is on my other side. He nearly runs her over and I give him a dirty look...I see he is talking on a cell phone. And I get the distinct impression there is alcohol involved. I see this little boy sitting next to him and he scowls at me too. Fabulous. I wish I had grabbed my umbrella and hit the truck but was pushing the baby stroller. I wish I had written down his license plate number too. What a crazy person. I mean, really. Jon said they need to install video recording cameras to catch offenders. I like this idea very much. Sort of like Altoona becoming a bit like London. Why not?

It just made me feel as though there needs to be tougher laws on traffic offenders as well. The police could raise a lot of much needed revenue catching people driving incorrectly. Also, the city truly needs to rethink their policies on streets and sidewalks. Having stop signs, lights and providing sidewalks, up lifts neighborhoods and attracts business. This beautifies an area and draws people to small towns. It makes people feel they are valued and gives guidelines to how people drive...with courtesy and respect. By having more stop signs, people are guided into slowing down in 25mph zones instead of driving the 40 if there isn't a stop sign. I know because I live on a street that says 25 but see people going 40 or more. If I drive in a place with stop signs, you just won't see people driving fast. Period. Okay, I'll stop now because I'm getting worked up on this.


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