New auctions on EBay! :)

I've made some new skeleton dolls.
skeleton girl w pumpkin

I like the way they came out. I've also listed a Guinea pig art quilt and some other goodies. :)

guinea pig quilt

I want to make a new larger folk art quilt...I'm inspired by Chris Roberts-Antieau. I want to create works with my own feel/ideas to them as she does. I might incorporate more of a mixed media feel as I want to use wood in there too. So, we shall see how it comes out.

I'm feeling better about photographing my work now that I'm using a mini-tripod. I don't know why I didn't do this before. I didn't forgot- how sensitive the camera is when using manual.

So much is due next week...the church newsletter, my sister's birthday, my sister-in-laws birthday and some art due on Saturday. I hope I get myself going and get stuff done this weekend.

The temps was about 60 this morning...when we went to pick up the kids, it was 40! I couldn't believe how much colder it got in a few hours. I need to get all my plants inside tonight.


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