I took the kids walking yesterday and the dogs. It was a lot of fun and we climbed around St. Theresa and the kids picked dandelions. :) I wish I had brought my camera. Very sweet.

Later in the evening, I watched Dr. Who and did 15 minutes of walking while I watched. I didn't wear my shoes and about 11pm to 1 am I was suffering from toe spasms and arch problems. I felt terrible. Finally, around 2 am the ibuprofen kicked in and I could sleep. Stretching after all the walking would have helped and wearing shoes. :(

Then, I woke this morning and had a somewhat sad email from a family member. Basically, they got pulled into the black hole of insanity and illogical thinking. It's annoying because we know my dad is sick/ill and yet some people get pulled into his thinking and start blaming the sane people.

On Friday my dad called about 3 times and by the 3rd time, he was much more mellow. I've learned that if he hasn't eaten breakfast, he's worse. If he starts mentioning certain things/people, to listen and not say too much. When I try to give a different opinion, it will be rejected with "No, you are wrong." I'm glad I'm not a smoker or I would be smoking 3 packs a day! lol

Anyway, I'm glad my dad will call but I have to tell him he has limits. I'm going to say something like I love talking to you dad and I lover hearing about your ideas and stories. But if you start talking about animals (he wants me to get rid of my cats and dogs because they have "germs"), I will have to stop talking with you now. I've read that some elderly parents will do this...bring up subjects to push buttons and so on, and boy, does my dad ever do this.

The good thing is we decorated the house for Halloween. Thank goodness for some good stuff! lol I need to take some pics and do some more outside decorating. But I'm so pleased with the mantle looking festive. :)

I was really feeling bad yesterday about a lot of stuff...but now I feel better. I missed church but I needed sleep.

Also, so glad to have done some art and need to finish a birthday gift for my sis-in-law. Jon was a sweetie and cleaned up the guinea pig cage and brought them up for the kids and I to enjoy. :)


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