Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mini changes

Trying out different fonts/styles on my blog. I still need to add a header and perhaps, a different background. It's fun to change for the seasons and there are SO many cutie things to put up on your blog! :)

I guess I felt like I had to do redo my blog as it's much easier than the chaos of our floor in the dining room right now. I'm very grateful for the flooring and we're learning how to install as we's just the challenge of living w/all your stuff spread out in a most irritating fashion. Basically, stacks and stacks of books basic office stuff/kid school stuff and of course, my art stuff mishmashed here and there.

I've been taking refuge from the cold basement and doing a lot of work in the dining room, apparently. Now, I'm paying for that. Plus, the basement studio is a total mess and I'm thinking of purging/yard sale/donating stuff, again. It must be Spring because I'm in the mood for Spring cleaning!

Well, hopefully I can get the little man to take his nap. I sometimes call Harry, the Little Chef. I got this from the movie "Ratatouille", when the young wannabe chef, Linguini, calls Remy (the rat), the Little Chef. I love that movie. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunny with a huge chance of freezing winds

That's what I found out when I went for our first walk in 2 weeks. Boy! It was the kind of cold that makes you catch your breath and want to run back into the house again. However, two very anxious dogs and 1 toddling toddler kept me from retreating. At least this time, I remembered our gloves and hats. I need to find/make the dogs sweaters. I washed some of them and forgot where I put them. Poor things...I think they were very happy to get back into the house after I trot through the neighborhood.

Poor Mr. H's nose was dripping like green globs through a funnel. Poor thing. We were house crazy and had to get out. With all the furniture moved around, dust and cleaning/prepping (for the floors) we needed to get out. I should probably drive to the mall but that's more of a 2 hr trip then a 15 min walk. Plus, I might be tempted to look at some shops...maybe we'll go to the Y and do some floating in the pool.

Anyway, W/ half the dining room emptied, we can really start laying down laminate flooring and get the other half prepped for tomorrow, possible. Maybe I'll ask my dad in-law to help, we'll see. All this moving has also shown me how the walls could use a "lick of paint" as Wallace and Gromit might say.

I pulled out Mr. H's chalk board and he's having fun w/ that...he heard "Little Bear" yodel and now he's doing it. lol He's becoming very vocal and saying lots of variations of what we're saying.

Geesh, the dogs are going hay wire...mailman? I don't know. Anyway, I've gotta go rescue the broom from a little helper sweeping/knocking things down. yikes!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


corgi by Emilyannamarie
corgi, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

This is one of my first needle felt projects! I was inspired by Vivian (from Viv's Whimsy) to try this out. I love the soft look/feel of these little critters. I also made a guinea pig (of course), a blue bird, and a lady bug

Cherry and Suki

Cherry and Suki by Emilyannamarie
Cherry and Suki, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prayer, meditation, positive thinking; it's all good!

I'm feeling really good right now. No, my cold is still there and the arches of my feet are still sore. My heart and head, however, feel a little lighter because things are calming down for parents. They have gotten a roommate and it looks like things might be good for at least one month (hopefully, longer), apartment wise. My mom is going to get some training to get a job. This is from a person who was a housewife for over 30 yrs! And my dad, is going to some women's group that works with therapy. You can, literally, knock me over with a feather, when I heard that one! I'm still bubbling with happiness and surprise.

A part of me is like, there must be an angel out there watching for my parents and guiding them. But whatever it is, and I'm not going to try and analyze it...I'm going to let the mystery of it be and enjoy it for all it's worth. I can barely wrap my mind around all the wonderful changes. I'll keep on with what we're doing, be positive and I know that now, that there really is a lot of Good watching out for people.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
Dalai Lama

I'm still praying, meditating and having positive thoughts for my husbands cousin, Colleen Weible. She recently had a hysterectomy and they found aggressive cancer. They thought they had gotten it all, but it has spread to her lungs. I had thought she was going to have her operation this week, but it's next. Please pray for her.

I know she is in good hands and any good thoughts will only make things better. Thank goodness we live in this day and age and can offer hope.

I feel the need to do some artwork...maybe some cards as well as finishing up paintings/wood carvings. Have a good day and remember there is a lot of good in this world, we just need to share more of it. Be good to someone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walking down memory lane...

So, I've been purging photos and adding stuff to flickr in order to create space (hopefully) on my sluggish computer. I hope it works. I've deleted probably 500 or so pics and that's just the tip of the ice berg. Apparently, I took lots and lots of photos in the year I'm still trying to get through September and October. Geesh! The nice thing is I did take some good photos and the other nice thing is it's fun to see how much every one has changed. Plus, everything looks SO GREEN. Green as in the leaves,grass and landscape is beautiful. Right now, we're still in the slight bulging of buds stage/plus 1 or 2 more possible snow storms. Fickle March!

I'm just glad I'm making some head way w/photos and soon, I can download a whole new batch on my dear computer and show some new stuff.

I have at least 20 or more wood carvings I'm trying to finish up but is taking longer (because of my stinking cold and space issues/child watching/keeping hands out). With the days being slightly warmer, we want to go outside but then are halted by the next day's drop in temp. It's been annoying to say the least.

I did do some wood working once I got everyone home from school...some smallish wood ornaments that I enjoy making. Hopefully, I can get a few finished up and at the gallery soon. I want to finish things!

Plus, I have some other things that are starting to wheedle their way into my list of things to do. I keep having dreams of writing and so on. I feel like the little train that says, I think I can, I think I can. So, I need to try it and see what happens. Basically, it's a re-write of a piece I finished but now have a different take on. I'll give it a shot and see if it feels good. It's my mom's and sis-in-laws fault. They keep encouraging me and now, I feel like maybe my writing could be a book. lol

Anyway, I've got to get to bed. Wednesday is nearly here. Wish me luck on a productive day. :) <3

from 2006

100_6548 by Emilyannamarie
100_6548 a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

marigolds...I may have to do a painting of this one~

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gotta download some pics...

and print some off of Flickr. I've been procrastinating doing any of this. When your computer is slow, you worry it'll break if you do anything to it. I've been trying to clean out pics and put them all on flickr to make space. And I've been doing a good job, just need to keep doing it. It's the sitting at the computer and doing it that feels like forever.

I feel like going to sleep. My ear hurts a little less and it's just coughing/sinus stuff that is not so good. Spring cleaning might be in order to banish germs. I guess I might sound like I get colds a lot. Actually, it's allergies that are my biggest annoyance. lol

Well, gotta do some stuff. Had a good time chatting w/ my mom! I think things are progressing well.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sky Ball

This is what my 2 yr old said when he saw the moon tonight. ball. I love how he brought these together like magic. Children's poetry.

Today a friend of mine is getting married or has been married. I hope he and his love are blessed with many years of happiness and joy! What a great day to be married, when the moon is close to the earth...pulling too bodies across the skies together. Lovely. Blessings to Jon and Amber from PA!

I needed to hear some good things and feel like there is, really. Sometimes when tragedy hits its seems like there isn't any good...but we are wrong. There is. I was reminded of this tonight.

I also have a cold. I think I got sick because I was stressed out and this let an opening in for a cold. I guess that's normal and sort of funny on my part. Having a kid sneeze into your face, doesn't help either.

I might brave the cold and dance with Jon for a few minutes under the moon. At least until I start coughing. lol

I'm so glad I turned on the music on my blog...I nearly forgot which songs I had on there. Feels like love letters or something. I need to put something up for Spring on the blog.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

deep breath

It's scary...all this stuff with Japan and now, winds blowing crap across the ocean to the West coasts. It just makes me want to cry. My friend on FB suggested making art to donate the proceeds to Japan. I think I will. I'm going to carve a wood piece, put it on eBay and donate all the proceeds to Japan. I hope it will help a little.

It just makes me SO angry and upset...using nuclear energy. It shows how it doesn't just effect one country but the world. Makes me so, so sad. I want everyone to aim/use clean energy. Is it too idealistic? Probably. But it's something everyone should aim for. I don't want to stand on a soapbox and preach about this.

I painted up several wood carvings last night...but felt like they were not my best work. I think it's because I'm stressed out and worried. I'm going to avoid the news for a few days, I think, and any stressful conversations/TV and just enjoy my family/home life. This might get me out of this funk.

My first thing is to make an onion recipe that I've been thinking about. Maybe that will clear some of the dusty sadness in my heart. It's an interesting recipe I found in an old copy of Victoria magazine (Volume 14 Number 3, March 2000). It's called Baked Onion with Mustard sauce and was part of the Elizabethan foods eaten at the time. I think I have most of the ingredients.

I just did some sketches for the wood carving and will be trying it out on the wood in a bit. If I have time, I will carve it today. I have to bake a cake for relay for Life...might do that tonight or else buy one.

Have a good day.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sorrow and prayer

These last few days have been so very sad with all the chaos from the earthquake in Japan. I feel badly for the people in New Zealand who went through a similar earthquake. It brings up a lot of bad memories from the few we experienced in CA. I can't even begin to imagine having all this destruction/loss of life/loss of entire communities happen. I pray they find solace and I hope aid reaches them quickly. I donated to Red Cross and I hope others will do so as well. Every little bit helps.

I must have gotten a bit down as I baked a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies on Thursday and just cooked and cleaned like crazy. I was exhausted by 6:30 pm and went to bed at 7. I did this for 3 days in a row. This is the first night I've stayed up past 7...I think it helps to sleep but the rest of the family suffers (or at least nothing gets put away).

Trivial complaints and I'm thankful for them, believe me. Friends and family have reminded me how lucky we are and blessed. I think when tragedy happens to someone, the people who aren't effected by it are there to lift up those who have been hurt and help them. Thank goodness there is calm and aid to help those in need. I guess this is why I'm so against wars and would like people to aim towards not fighting.

Maybe it's a fools dream to think people can live in harmony or aim to have peaceful relations, but is it? If you look at the times when there have been emergencies, most people will jump to aid those in need. People might not always agree with silly things like politics or religious beliefs, but they will try to help people if there is a fire or car accident, for example. I've seen it many times on small and large scales and this is why I know it is possible.

In some ways, I wish I didn't have news at my finger tips and I wish I didn't learn about these things until a month passed. But we can't rewrite history or technology. I pray for the people who have lost so much in these last few days. A part of me does understand (as when my parents lost their home and much of their belongings for reasons I don't know, still)...loss of stuff is nothing to the loss of life and it is a time for mourning as well as rescue.

I pray that the nuclear plants get under control. I feel so sad that this is another level of fear.

Natural disasters happen all the time. It's when we forget history, that it seems to come out of nowhere and we feel like we're the only generation it's happened to. This comforts me to know that people have survived many things and have shared their stories. We need to remember those stories and learn from them.

Hug your families and friends. This is a reminder that life is filled with uncertainty, however, it is filled with lots of many good things. Good things such as love and toast with honey. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

-Booker T. Washington

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Busy bee

Well, I did quite a bit on my list of things to do. Accomplished and tuckered out. When you add to that a very much active 2 year old, I'm surprised I did as much as I did. Thank goodness for nap time. :)

What is bothering me right now is this cold snap. Good grief but it is making all my joints act up. Jon called and they are getting the same cold as we are in State College as his knee is bothering him too. I put a sweater on, turned up the heat by 4 degrees and had coco. I do feel better. Maybe the house needs to be insulated better? I don't know. I'm tired of the cold and am very ready for Spring and Summer. lol

There is a Bulgarian tradition of making Martenitsa's. They can be little dolls or bracelet's made of red and white yarn. They symbolize Spring arriving on March 1st (Bulgarian tradition) and are to be worn, given away till the end of March. I need to make some new ones with my kids. It's a fun reminder that Spring is a time to celebrate...even if it blows in on freezing cold rain. lol
I'm still praying for my parents and have to call and find out how things are going. They had some ideas and I hope they work out. Once they are settled and calm, I'll feel really relieved.


Did I mention my gals got loft beds? Sort of like individual bunk beds. Usually, college students use them. I guess I'm prepping them for college. lol Anyway, they LOVE them. But so does the 2 year old. I have to bolt their door or something as he's been trying to sneak in there and climb up. Scares me. I wonder if I could put a little swing on the bottom? That would be cute and might cure him of wanting to climb. yeah, right.


Now that their room is painted/mostly done, I want to paint the kitchen and bathroom. Actually, I want to get my floor for the dining room/kitchen first. This is all do-it-yourself stuff. I hope I get a little more fit from all this house repair! I was sore as if I had done major aerobics after that paint job. It's a good thing.

Oh, and I have to say I was reading about "The Stars" and how they exercise. Some site mentioned Halle Berry's workout. It went something like put a deck of cards on the floor and pick them up one by one. I'm like, what? That sounds like my normal day! I guess I just need to clean up more and I'll whittle my waist away! lol Funny but sad as it's my problem spot.

Today is one of those days were you want to curl up under a blanket with a good book, sip coco and be thankful your at home. Wish I could do that some time! Well, that's life and it's good to have something to look forward to. Maybe some time around 8:30pm...or after the kiddos are asleep. Have a great rest of the day!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Music Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys Tiny Desk Concert.

Gonna have some pancakes and sausage later on.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Finished painting...

the walls, that is. The gals room is looking very nice indeed. Jon is, as I write, trying to assemble the 200 plus pieces of the 1st loft bed. The kids are estatic but have to be patient as it's taking us a lot longer to get things done during the week. However, they are moving along and this is campout night #2. They are not in the least perturbed, esp. now that they are sleeping on a new twin mattress (instead sleeping bags/couch). lol

Personally, I'm exhausted. I feel like I had an intense workout painting the trim (2nd coat). My youngest and I did get out for a short trip to the market. I think I'll do some make up time on Wednesday. I can hardly wait for the kids room to be done and order be restored to my little home. :)

Dishes can wait, laundry can't (so I did a few loads, inbetween drying paint and all), and a few piles of stuff surely makes it looks like we are getting something done. lol I will take some pics...but it might be awhile. I want to get some curtain rods and make some new curtains. Either yellow or something with a pinch of pink and white. I still can't get over how lovely green walls look. Must be because of all the blindingly white snow we just got. Have a good evening!

Snow and then some

It snowed from noon yesterday till midnight this morning. We have a lot of white and no school delays. Darn. Oddly, there is a 2 hr delay for Penn State U where Jon works. That's good as he can take the kids to school.

I'm going to have to reschedule a doctors appointment, I think. I'm going to be shoveling snow to make a path or else, try to keep things normal at home. We did a major room upheaval for the kids. We're painting their room and stuff is EVERYWHERE. We also got them both loft beds and it's been interesting having to live with this mega heavy boxes in the living room. The kids made them into "slides" for our youngest guy and he enjoys climbing them. Such is the way of the 2 yr old. lol

I have to make a stencil for stars...this is going to go across the border of the room. It's going to look really unique and pretty. Maybe I'll do free hand stars...we shall see.

I'm sore from painting all afternoon yesterday. We had to move so much furniture, toys, stuff. Some of it will be donated and other's will be reused for semi-guest room, etc. This is in the 3rd floor which was already messy. Now, I've got to clean that out too.

I need to go and find the blue tape for the trim. I'll be really happy once all the painting is done. Then, we're moving to paint the kitchen and bathroom. Not all today, thank God.

My wrist is sore from painting and I also did carving on Saturday night. I must have carved out 10 new wood paintings. Now, I have a huge stack to finish up. They are going to looks really cool, I have to say.

I hope most of the snow is melted today but I doubt it. It does look pretty and I see the snow sneaking out. Maybe I'll take a few pics. Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sleepy time...

It's bed time in a few minutes...had a good talk with my Mom. Seems like things might work out and prayers will be answered. I'm not as stressed out as I've talked to my Mom and she's being a lot more proactive.

Also, had a great meeting at the Relay for Life team. I really like the people in the group and I think it's going to be a great experience. I felt a little shy but was glad to sit and be a part of something great. Plus, I have some ideas that might help too. We shall see.

In other news, my poor older cat, Simone (the one who meows really loudly), might be getting worse. I found strange blood spots and have no idea how or where it's from. I'm guessing it's from her but I could be wrong. I do know the dogs got up and it might be from them (getting scratched by Simone...she's a tough old gal). So, unless I see a repeat of this (which I haven't), I'll let it be. She's 21 years old, going on 22...if you saw her, she looks only 15! I'll pretend she's only 15, too.

In art stuff, I got myself a simple needle felting kit. I poked my finger twice and drew blood. Dang, was that painful. I have to be more careful with the 3D stuff. The flat stuff is really fun to do and safer.

Also, I started on a new batch of wood carvings before I finished painting my other 12 or so. I feel like I should have waited but I got really excited about some ideas. Now, I need more wood and time to paint it all out. The good thing is I cleaned off the dining room table and am trying to be a littler neater. Also, Jon is doing more of the straight cutting of wood so I don't have to be around so much dust.

I'm really annoyed at the cold. I thought it was warming up, and wore a light jacket. Boy was that not smart. I did see a robin, so Spring is on the way. :)

Well, I gotta get some sleep. I feel like I have logs on my shoulders. Oh, and the dogs escaped today when my dad-in-law brought a lunch over. My mom-in-law thought she'd get me a stuffed cabbage from Lena's (excellent, btw) and when DIL brought it, the dogs darted out like crazy. I couldn't believe it. Penny nearly got hit by a car and Nelson ran across the street to every tree he could mark. Insane! Honestly, they must have dog angels! I really believe it. Oh, and my poor DIL fell over trying to get Nelson. Poor Dad (he's all right now).

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Turkey burgers and chicken dogs

Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
It was really nice barbqueing in the snow. Warm, no bugs and a nice break from the inside kitchen stuff. :)

Train going by houses on the hill

This is a new piece I made. Was going to submit it for a contest but missed the deadline. Darn. It came out pretty good, so I'm happy for this.


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