Mini changes

Trying out different fonts/styles on my blog. I still need to add a header and perhaps, a different background. It's fun to change for the seasons and there are SO many cutie things to put up on your blog! :)

I guess I felt like I had to do redo my blog as it's much easier than the chaos of our floor in the dining room right now. I'm very grateful for the flooring and we're learning how to install as we's just the challenge of living w/all your stuff spread out in a most irritating fashion. Basically, stacks and stacks of books basic office stuff/kid school stuff and of course, my art stuff mishmashed here and there.

I've been taking refuge from the cold basement and doing a lot of work in the dining room, apparently. Now, I'm paying for that. Plus, the basement studio is a total mess and I'm thinking of purging/yard sale/donating stuff, again. It must be Spring because I'm in the mood for Spring cleaning!

Well, hopefully I can get the little man to take his nap. I sometimes call Harry, the Little Chef. I got this from the movie "Ratatouille", when the young wannabe chef, Linguini, calls Remy (the rat), the Little Chef. I love that movie. :)


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