Snow and then some

It snowed from noon yesterday till midnight this morning. We have a lot of white and no school delays. Darn. Oddly, there is a 2 hr delay for Penn State U where Jon works. That's good as he can take the kids to school.

I'm going to have to reschedule a doctors appointment, I think. I'm going to be shoveling snow to make a path or else, try to keep things normal at home. We did a major room upheaval for the kids. We're painting their room and stuff is EVERYWHERE. We also got them both loft beds and it's been interesting having to live with this mega heavy boxes in the living room. The kids made them into "slides" for our youngest guy and he enjoys climbing them. Such is the way of the 2 yr old. lol

I have to make a stencil for stars...this is going to go across the border of the room. It's going to look really unique and pretty. Maybe I'll do free hand stars...we shall see.

I'm sore from painting all afternoon yesterday. We had to move so much furniture, toys, stuff. Some of it will be donated and other's will be reused for semi-guest room, etc. This is in the 3rd floor which was already messy. Now, I've got to clean that out too.

I need to go and find the blue tape for the trim. I'll be really happy once all the painting is done. Then, we're moving to paint the kitchen and bathroom. Not all today, thank God.

My wrist is sore from painting and I also did carving on Saturday night. I must have carved out 10 new wood paintings. Now, I have a huge stack to finish up. They are going to looks really cool, I have to say.

I hope most of the snow is melted today but I doubt it. It does look pretty and I see the snow sneaking out. Maybe I'll take a few pics. Have a good day!


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