Finished painting...

the walls, that is. The gals room is looking very nice indeed. Jon is, as I write, trying to assemble the 200 plus pieces of the 1st loft bed. The kids are estatic but have to be patient as it's taking us a lot longer to get things done during the week. However, they are moving along and this is campout night #2. They are not in the least perturbed, esp. now that they are sleeping on a new twin mattress (instead sleeping bags/couch). lol

Personally, I'm exhausted. I feel like I had an intense workout painting the trim (2nd coat). My youngest and I did get out for a short trip to the market. I think I'll do some make up time on Wednesday. I can hardly wait for the kids room to be done and order be restored to my little home. :)

Dishes can wait, laundry can't (so I did a few loads, inbetween drying paint and all), and a few piles of stuff surely makes it looks like we are getting something done. lol I will take some pics...but it might be awhile. I want to get some curtain rods and make some new curtains. Either yellow or something with a pinch of pink and white. I still can't get over how lovely green walls look. Must be because of all the blindingly white snow we just got. Have a good evening!


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