Sky Ball

This is what my 2 yr old said when he saw the moon tonight. ball. I love how he brought these together like magic. Children's poetry.

Today a friend of mine is getting married or has been married. I hope he and his love are blessed with many years of happiness and joy! What a great day to be married, when the moon is close to the earth...pulling too bodies across the skies together. Lovely. Blessings to Jon and Amber from PA!

I needed to hear some good things and feel like there is, really. Sometimes when tragedy hits its seems like there isn't any good...but we are wrong. There is. I was reminded of this tonight.

I also have a cold. I think I got sick because I was stressed out and this let an opening in for a cold. I guess that's normal and sort of funny on my part. Having a kid sneeze into your face, doesn't help either.

I might brave the cold and dance with Jon for a few minutes under the moon. At least until I start coughing. lol

I'm so glad I turned on the music on my blog...I nearly forgot which songs I had on there. Feels like love letters or something. I need to put something up for Spring on the blog.


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