Sunny with a huge chance of freezing winds

That's what I found out when I went for our first walk in 2 weeks. Boy! It was the kind of cold that makes you catch your breath and want to run back into the house again. However, two very anxious dogs and 1 toddling toddler kept me from retreating. At least this time, I remembered our gloves and hats. I need to find/make the dogs sweaters. I washed some of them and forgot where I put them. Poor things...I think they were very happy to get back into the house after I trot through the neighborhood.

Poor Mr. H's nose was dripping like green globs through a funnel. Poor thing. We were house crazy and had to get out. With all the furniture moved around, dust and cleaning/prepping (for the floors) we needed to get out. I should probably drive to the mall but that's more of a 2 hr trip then a 15 min walk. Plus, I might be tempted to look at some shops...maybe we'll go to the Y and do some floating in the pool.

Anyway, W/ half the dining room emptied, we can really start laying down laminate flooring and get the other half prepped for tomorrow, possible. Maybe I'll ask my dad in-law to help, we'll see. All this moving has also shown me how the walls could use a "lick of paint" as Wallace and Gromit might say.

I pulled out Mr. H's chalk board and he's having fun w/ that...he heard "Little Bear" yodel and now he's doing it. lol He's becoming very vocal and saying lots of variations of what we're saying.

Geesh, the dogs are going hay wire...mailman? I don't know. Anyway, I've gotta go rescue the broom from a little helper sweeping/knocking things down. yikes!


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