Sleepy time...

It's bed time in a few minutes...had a good talk with my Mom. Seems like things might work out and prayers will be answered. I'm not as stressed out as I've talked to my Mom and she's being a lot more proactive.

Also, had a great meeting at the Relay for Life team. I really like the people in the group and I think it's going to be a great experience. I felt a little shy but was glad to sit and be a part of something great. Plus, I have some ideas that might help too. We shall see.

In other news, my poor older cat, Simone (the one who meows really loudly), might be getting worse. I found strange blood spots and have no idea how or where it's from. I'm guessing it's from her but I could be wrong. I do know the dogs got up and it might be from them (getting scratched by Simone...she's a tough old gal). So, unless I see a repeat of this (which I haven't), I'll let it be. She's 21 years old, going on 22...if you saw her, she looks only 15! I'll pretend she's only 15, too.

In art stuff, I got myself a simple needle felting kit. I poked my finger twice and drew blood. Dang, was that painful. I have to be more careful with the 3D stuff. The flat stuff is really fun to do and safer.

Also, I started on a new batch of wood carvings before I finished painting my other 12 or so. I feel like I should have waited but I got really excited about some ideas. Now, I need more wood and time to paint it all out. The good thing is I cleaned off the dining room table and am trying to be a littler neater. Also, Jon is doing more of the straight cutting of wood so I don't have to be around so much dust.

I'm really annoyed at the cold. I thought it was warming up, and wore a light jacket. Boy was that not smart. I did see a robin, so Spring is on the way. :)

Well, I gotta get some sleep. I feel like I have logs on my shoulders. Oh, and the dogs escaped today when my dad-in-law brought a lunch over. My mom-in-law thought she'd get me a stuffed cabbage from Lena's (excellent, btw) and when DIL brought it, the dogs darted out like crazy. I couldn't believe it. Penny nearly got hit by a car and Nelson ran across the street to every tree he could mark. Insane! Honestly, they must have dog angels! I really believe it. Oh, and my poor DIL fell over trying to get Nelson. Poor Dad (he's all right now).


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