Prayer, meditation, positive thinking; it's all good!

I'm feeling really good right now. No, my cold is still there and the arches of my feet are still sore. My heart and head, however, feel a little lighter because things are calming down for parents. They have gotten a roommate and it looks like things might be good for at least one month (hopefully, longer), apartment wise. My mom is going to get some training to get a job. This is from a person who was a housewife for over 30 yrs! And my dad, is going to some women's group that works with therapy. You can, literally, knock me over with a feather, when I heard that one! I'm still bubbling with happiness and surprise.

A part of me is like, there must be an angel out there watching for my parents and guiding them. But whatever it is, and I'm not going to try and analyze it...I'm going to let the mystery of it be and enjoy it for all it's worth. I can barely wrap my mind around all the wonderful changes. I'll keep on with what we're doing, be positive and I know that now, that there really is a lot of Good watching out for people.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
Dalai Lama

I'm still praying, meditating and having positive thoughts for my husbands cousin, Colleen Weible. She recently had a hysterectomy and they found aggressive cancer. They thought they had gotten it all, but it has spread to her lungs. I had thought she was going to have her operation this week, but it's next. Please pray for her.

I know she is in good hands and any good thoughts will only make things better. Thank goodness we live in this day and age and can offer hope.

I feel the need to do some artwork...maybe some cards as well as finishing up paintings/wood carvings. Have a good day and remember there is a lot of good in this world, we just need to share more of it. Be good to someone.


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