deep breath

It's scary...all this stuff with Japan and now, winds blowing crap across the ocean to the West coasts. It just makes me want to cry. My friend on FB suggested making art to donate the proceeds to Japan. I think I will. I'm going to carve a wood piece, put it on eBay and donate all the proceeds to Japan. I hope it will help a little.

It just makes me SO angry and upset...using nuclear energy. It shows how it doesn't just effect one country but the world. Makes me so, so sad. I want everyone to aim/use clean energy. Is it too idealistic? Probably. But it's something everyone should aim for. I don't want to stand on a soapbox and preach about this.

I painted up several wood carvings last night...but felt like they were not my best work. I think it's because I'm stressed out and worried. I'm going to avoid the news for a few days, I think, and any stressful conversations/TV and just enjoy my family/home life. This might get me out of this funk.

My first thing is to make an onion recipe that I've been thinking about. Maybe that will clear some of the dusty sadness in my heart. It's an interesting recipe I found in an old copy of Victoria magazine (Volume 14 Number 3, March 2000). It's called Baked Onion with Mustard sauce and was part of the Elizabethan foods eaten at the time. I think I have most of the ingredients.

I just did some sketches for the wood carving and will be trying it out on the wood in a bit. If I have time, I will carve it today. I have to bake a cake for relay for Life...might do that tonight or else buy one.

Have a good day.


vivian said…
Yes, indeed, it is very sad and very scarey. I dont like to think about it. but its hard not to.
so when ever it pops in my head, I pray.
have a good weekend emily
Thank you, Vivian~I'm going to do that too...whenever I think about the current saddness (or any for that matter), I will pray. Thank you for this inspiration!

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