Sorrow and prayer

These last few days have been so very sad with all the chaos from the earthquake in Japan. I feel badly for the people in New Zealand who went through a similar earthquake. It brings up a lot of bad memories from the few we experienced in CA. I can't even begin to imagine having all this destruction/loss of life/loss of entire communities happen. I pray they find solace and I hope aid reaches them quickly. I donated to Red Cross and I hope others will do so as well. Every little bit helps.

I must have gotten a bit down as I baked a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies on Thursday and just cooked and cleaned like crazy. I was exhausted by 6:30 pm and went to bed at 7. I did this for 3 days in a row. This is the first night I've stayed up past 7...I think it helps to sleep but the rest of the family suffers (or at least nothing gets put away).

Trivial complaints and I'm thankful for them, believe me. Friends and family have reminded me how lucky we are and blessed. I think when tragedy happens to someone, the people who aren't effected by it are there to lift up those who have been hurt and help them. Thank goodness there is calm and aid to help those in need. I guess this is why I'm so against wars and would like people to aim towards not fighting.

Maybe it's a fools dream to think people can live in harmony or aim to have peaceful relations, but is it? If you look at the times when there have been emergencies, most people will jump to aid those in need. People might not always agree with silly things like politics or religious beliefs, but they will try to help people if there is a fire or car accident, for example. I've seen it many times on small and large scales and this is why I know it is possible.

In some ways, I wish I didn't have news at my finger tips and I wish I didn't learn about these things until a month passed. But we can't rewrite history or technology. I pray for the people who have lost so much in these last few days. A part of me does understand (as when my parents lost their home and much of their belongings for reasons I don't know, still)...loss of stuff is nothing to the loss of life and it is a time for mourning as well as rescue.

I pray that the nuclear plants get under control. I feel so sad that this is another level of fear.

Natural disasters happen all the time. It's when we forget history, that it seems to come out of nowhere and we feel like we're the only generation it's happened to. This comforts me to know that people have survived many things and have shared their stories. We need to remember those stories and learn from them.

Hug your families and friends. This is a reminder that life is filled with uncertainty, however, it is filled with lots of many good things. Good things such as love and toast with honey. :)


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