Saturday, April 30, 2005

Loobylu's Month of Softies...

These are recycled creatures of the egg variety. Let's just say, I was listening to some Opera when I was photographing them and this is what happened...

Welcome to this week's opera, "The Eggalteen Rabbit"

If only I were a real rabbit...instead, I just pretend I am one.

"You may become a rabbit!"

"You are a true rabbit, if you believe."

The fairy dance begins...

and she dances, and she dances...

"How I wish I had a friend."

"What's this?"

"It is a rabbit!"



The fairy dances in happiness!

Okay, enough with the dancing...

And now, a word from our producer and director...

"Thank you for coming to this production of the "Eggalteen Rabbit". Here are our performers. Please take a bow!"

"Well, done!"


Glad that's over, thought the mouse.

The dancing egg; she just won't stop...

Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm so happy...

it is Friday! Do you know why? Because my love muffin is going to be here. Some how having the old hubby at home with me is such a relief. He works way too much (10 hours a day with mandatory overtime...3 to 4 times a week). I'm feeling overly mushy about certain parties, so I'll spare everyone right now.

Also, I just sent out two (AH!)tearsheets/query letters to some publishers. I hope they will at least consider me for a moment for some project. Oh, please, please, please!

I just finished a letter for a publisher I decided on. I'm mailing it on Monday. Oh, nerves don't fail me now.

Then, I'm starting on my third book. Yes, I said third as my second one is nearing completion in the writing department (just need to get the illustrations out and about. I'm going to give myself to the end of May to finish that one).

My third book is something quite different in the sense of how I'm going to be illustrating it. I shan't say a word as I can see it in my mind and have begun preliminary sketches.

On the fun side of life, I've created several little monsters for's Month of Softies. They look so cute. All I need to do is photograph them. I'm wondering whether or not or should do this inside ala theater-ish style or outside. If outside, I'll have to bear the scornful glances of my neighbors. I had to deal with looks of curiosity as I photographed various stuffed animals when there was snow. It was worth it. So what if a grown woman is standing in two feet of snow taking pictures of an orange stuffed cat?!? They probably love it as it makes them look normal. Oh, bother...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I. F. on Thursday

This weeks word is "Daring". I knew immediately what I wanted to do a painting of but have been so delayed by time. I finally pulled it together and sat down to paint this painting of Marla Ruzicka. I heard about her on National Public Radio a couple of days ago. I knew I wanted to do an homage to this daring, beautiful, compassionate woman whose light was blown out much too soon.

This is in memory of Marla Ruzicka. She was killed in Iraq, April 16 2005. This is her story
  • American Activist
  • It's Thursday...

    and I haven't done my illustration Friday...I can't believe it. I want to do a ton of stuff and here I am sad I didn't do illustration Friday. I have been working on my scarf. The colors are amazing, beautiful, and addicting. I got up at 5:30am (no easy feat for me) and started knitting! WHY??? Why the heck did I do that? I could have been sleeping, but nope, there I was sitting in bed with a big puff of hair sticking up all around me and even puffier eyes holding my obsession. It's so wrong. I'll try to post pics of my scarf and you can see the colors for your self.

    I'm going to try with all my heart to do IF today. As God is my witness, I will do IF!

    I just looked at someone's blog (I need to post it but it's so freaking early, I can't remember the name at the moment), and was inspired, inspired! They had pics galore and I need to get on my self to do this.

    I didn't bring my camera to the Sting concert. WHAT WAS I THINKING???? Now, I have to sketch, in my weakening memory, what it was like. It was awesome! LOUD and deafening and all the stuff that makes concerts fun and cool. I enjoyed it very much and I know Jon did too. We shimmed and nodded to Sting as he crooned out various oldies and newbie’s. It was great. I was so tired afterwards, I just wanted to curl up in bed but I have two little ones who needed mama. The oldest wanted to stay at grandma's and g-pa's. But we finally got them away and after some coaxing into bed at home. It's nice we only live a few blocks away...

    Anyway, I'm still recovering from the experience. Again, it was really cool and such a blast. I've never been to a concert and this was great because it was Sting and the proceeds were going to charity. What more can you ask, really?

    There is this funny scene in Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse Christmas Special where Cher visits him. I feel like that with Sting. Sting was here?!? Amazed and dazzled.

    Pee Wee is awesome entertainment for kids and adults. It's mentally stimulating and artsy at the same time. I plan on getting the entire collection on DVD, eventually...once I get a DVD player (or should I say if. I sometimes like to be stubborn against change...esp. electronic change).

    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    Mr. Nelson and cats...

    I haven't written about Mr. Nelson in a while. So I thought I'd type out a few Mr. Nelson points of interest. Lately, he's been getting a bit shaggy and ragged. Time to visit the dog groomers. It's gotten to the point where I can scoop up his hair and shape it like a mohawk, twirl it into a troll doll twist, and part it in the middle (and if I dared) and put bows in it. I like the idea of a mohawk, actually. I've heard of the famous Lynda Barry "Poodle with a mohawk". Perhaps, it is time for Bichon with a mohawk. Mr. Nelson is growling from his chair (actually, he hears some noises outside). Don't worry Mr. Nelson, you are safe...for now.

    This entry is also entitled cats. I have not mentioned them as often as I would like. I have four cats. When we first got Mr. Nelson, something like four months ago, all the cats hid in the basement. It was as if I had not cats at all. Then with some coaxing (all right a lot of coaxing, hissing, fights, etc) I was able to see two of the cats (the younger, more adaptable cats, I'm afraid) come out of hiding. This lead to having to make pit stops (litter boxes upstairs as well as food and drink) and now all four cats are upstairs cats. I see them, a lot. It makes for interesting surprises, to say the least. Such as everyone wants to sleep on your bed at the same time. Thus, pinning the occupant, me, down. Four grown cats can pin an adult human down...especially when said human is under several covers trying to stay warm. Though it is nice because they feel like moving heat pads. It's mutual, I'm sure.

    The following has nothing to do with my cats or dog and is primarily about local events that happened in recent days. Starting with Sunday, we finally made it to the circus. I wanted to go last year but kind of forgot to. Then I almost forgot this year, until my sis-in-law kindly asked if we went yet. So, we made it to the next to last show. It was pretty good. We got to see all sorts of acts which included pig performances, acrobats, tigers, child horse rider, and of course the elephants (our main purpose of going). It wasn't too bad. It was at the Jaffa Mosque that the Shriners let out to earn money for charities. The seats are all wooden and being a larger person, this is quite uncomfortable...let alone your knees hitting the seat infront of you. But all in all it wasn't too bad.

    Monday was the last day of the book sale at the library. So, I trotted over there (once everyone was ready for a nap and dad could watch over everything) and got a pile of books for $4. Found a Rummer Godden book and several Munroe Leaf books. I also got as many 1970's style illustrated books. Very cool.

    Then I took Mr. Nelson for a long walk which he wasn't expecting. We went over to the small neighborhood grocery. It's not too bad, actually. I got a milk shake, thus spoiling my attempts of walking off some calories. :) But, you have to support the small business'. :-)

    Well, I'm feeling very Jean Teasdale-ish of the Onion, right now. What an annoying but somehow cute thing to feel.

    Saturday, April 23, 2005

    Gingko leaves...

    I found some pressed Gingko leaves in the pages of a dictionary. They took me quite by surprise. They slipped passed my hands and onto the table where they lay, yellow and quiet.

    I'm feeling reflective today. It's rainy and for a brief down pour, there was hail stones, lightening and thunder.

    In the midst of chaos there is peace. Did someone write that besides me?

    I made my husband annoyed at me...a bit angry actually as I didn't respond in high enthusiasm when he put up my studio shelves. Poor dear. I have a bit of a headache (allergies...I'm sure) and it's making me a bit peevish.

    I think I might need a stronger eye prescription. I'm getting so used to the glasses that my left eye is starting to see a bit blurry (the optometrist gave me a lesser prescription to see how I adjust). Well, I adjusted.

    The blossoms are out. All of my tulips have opened and are happily blooming. They are quite stunning...I want to plant some more.

    It was Earth Day yesterday and though I didn't plant anything (it was rainy and cold) I did think of what I could do to plant in the future. Gingko trees spring to mind, hence the previous lines. Though apple and peach trees sound good too.

    Well, I need to work on a commission (finish that up, actually) and then I have several pieces I want to start. Hopefully, they'll turn out all right.

    We're having some adventures for the co-op but it's going to work out, I think. I just hope more people will join and we can really feel the decrease in price.

    I keep thinking of a certain dog at a certain pound. hmmm

    Thursday, April 21, 2005

    Thoughts of the day...

    "It is the province of knowledge to speak
    and it is the priviledge of wisdom to listen"

    Oliver Wendell Holmes

    This is how I am reflecting on the current events of the United States and the battles that rage in Washington. Oliver Wendell Holmes was an American poet in the 1800's. Would he have been allowed to voice his opinions in the current administration? I wonder...

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    Illustration Friday

    This is my interpretation of "reinvent"

    This is called "leaving home". I was trying to see the apple in a different way and this is what I came up with.

    Beautiful days...

    means less time in front of the computer. Of course, yesterday I didn't go outside (except to play with Mr. Nelson in the early dawn)with the girls. We stayed in the house and did some sprucing up...actually, they started getting into the stuff on the dresser and things avalanched behind and I had to pull everything off and one thing lead to another and my bed was covered in all this stuff. My goodness! Let's just say, I needed to go through some of these things and it inspired my dear Jon to go to Lowes and get me shelves. So, now I have 6 new shelves and most of my dolls properly displayed, the books stand at attention and now I can really say what I don't want to keep and do. Thank goodness the Unitarian church is having a garage sale! I think I will be donating a few things...

    Recently, I got a rotary cutting device and mat. It's love! Not only does this save time on that tedious task of cutting material, saves my poor wrists from having to lift and twist heavy material. I cut up an old shirt of my husbands to make into strips for crocheting in less than 10 minutes. This would normally take 25 minutes or longer (with interruptions from the girls). I love this device! I for see lots of quilting in the future.

    I'm getting adjusted to my eye glasses. They are really nice but annoying. I've never had glasses and being dependent on something of this nature can be quite startling.

    I have decided on sending out 2 copies of my PB book to two publishers. I'll tell them I'm going to send it to two and see what happens. Plus, I want to start on my third book. It's quite different from my technique and I think it's going to be very charming. :)

    Well, I've got to run...I finished Illustration Friday's word for the week but left it in the studio and I'm sure the girls are awake. I'll post it later.

    I think today is going to be a good day, although, I just realized I have a library book late. Oh, well...a small donation for our needy library. I hate to think what our late fee is for the video we forgot to take back until two weeks later. It was a video of Clifford the big red dog. I'm sure I could have bought a copy of that video with the late fee. sigh...

    Friday, April 15, 2005


    I just ordered suprise birthday concert tickets for Sting! I can't believe I did this (I've never even been to a concert least not a rock concert...I had very strict parents). Jon is going to be thrilled or shocked or both. Oh, boy, I can't wait to see his expression.

    Update! Update!

    Just found this new site:
  • How To Make a Paper Hat and other goodies. I like this far.
  • It's Friday...finally.

    It's 6 am. What am I doing up so early? I woke up to a good dream for once! It's been awhile since I've had a good dream. The dream had lots of colors and was very coherent. I felt peaceful at the end as I found what I was looking for. It had a very "Quiet Man" feel to it in the sense of relationships and colors. I'm still feeling happy about that dream.

    I'm also feeling a little better about my glasses. Yes, I actually have them on (they came in early!)and it's a bizarre world, I tell you! There is this period of time where I thought my glasses were doing my eye harm. It's the transition period where you think you see better without the glasses and then, wow! You start seeing things better with the glasses. I still feel dizzy when walking if I look at my feet. It's like as if someone is holding a video camera and their moving it kind of shakey. The first two days were really tough and I haven't tried driving yet. I still can't believe how different things look and feel.

    Details. The amazing details and how much I've been missing is surprising. I've been seeing things but not little things like branches on trees at a distant or various things from way off. I wonder how long it's been like this? I don't think it's been too long but it feels like it may have been for awhile (at least a few months).

    Anyway, now that I have my glasses and my head feels like it's starting to learn how to adjust, I've started getting a cold, again. My girls are halfway through their colds and now Jon is getting sick. I feel on the verge of getting a cold...or rather am starting to have one.

    I had a migraine the other day. It was pretty bad (before I had the glasses);knocked me off my feet. But I'm better now.

    I've been reading blogs like magazines lately. It's a real difference to be able to see the screen better and not get a mild headache from squinting all the time. I feel better about that too. I need to get a list of my favorite sites together. There are quite a few but there are quite a few good sites to see. Mostly art related, of course. ;-)

    I forgot how to make a hat out of paper for my daughter. I know I probably should use newspaper but I can't remember the process. I'll have to that one. By the way, isn't the art for google awesome today?!? Very Da Vinci. I love it!

    I wonder if there is a liquid version of magnetic material. Like a paint on chalkboard? I have this project I was to do for a baseball fan I know of...Or else really thin magnetic strips. I mean really,really thin...hmmm

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Illustration Friday...

    Boy, I cut this one close. I had lots of ideas but lots of folks got them. There are so many good artists out there! I'm very impressed.

    I had this one idea (and I got to the point where I was coloring it in on the old computer) of me sitting in bed while my husband slept and I sat there taking care of the baby (she's sick). But I felt guilty and then Jon saw it and he was sad. So, I couldn't possibly show that one without a follow-up illustration of him going off to work at 5:30 am, while I slept. That being said, I nixed the whole thing and decided to do something different. If I had more time, I'd do both and to be fair I'd have to do both illustrations.

    Anyway, here is my submission for Illustration Friday's topic, "Alone".
    "Are you with us?"

    Friday, April 08, 2005

    Beautiful day...

    It was one of those beautiful days that stand out so brightly because most of the time it's so gray and cloudy. Mr. Nelson went crazy trying to play with the girls but they are still too small. Not that Mr. Nelson is a huge dog, he's a bichon, but he is hyper and likes to jump on us. Plus, he's attached to a line as we don't have a fence yet. The line can tangle onto us as he is hyper and likes to jump as stated earlier. Dogs...

    Lydia has a cold and is coughing and I'm doomed to get it, I'm sure. Norrie is starting to sound sick too. I found out I need glasses and my eyes aren't just blurry from lack of sleep or viewing the computer for many hours. The good thing is I don't have glaucoma (which my dad and aunt have). I was really worried about this. I hope the frames look decent and I feel comfortable with them.

    In other news, I've sent out one query letter to a publisher and am planning to try others. My goal is to send 1 a week. I think this is reasonable and not too intimidating.

    It's amazing how my eye sight has really effected me emotionally. I didn't realize it was so bad, actually. I've started noticing behavior of mine that is problematic because of my eyes. Mostly reading and driving. I've slowed down on my reading to the point where I can't focus on a few pages because my eyes start to hurt. I attributed this to the writers fault but now, I realize it's mostly because it's painful to read. I can't wait till my glasses come in. Plus, I have been having headaches (which I thought was allergy related) and may be related to my eyes. How the puzzle pieces are fitting together.

    Well, it's late and my eyes are getting tired (thank goodness for big fonts). Tomorrow is Lydia's b-day party and I have to make a Totoro cake. If it comes out good I'll post it. We're having a small party (grandfolks and auntie) as we've been having way too much happening lately house wise (roof and safety things done on the house) to do a big one. But next year, I will go all out. Plus, I'm thinking of getting a block party going. I wonder if anyone else will be up to that. I do like good parties where there is flow and fun and lots of food. I still have a bit of reservations about alcohol for parties (this is because I brought up by very, strict protestant parents). It's funny how that works out into your later life. Actually, we do have some beer around the house. The dark stuff is pretty icky accept with meat and potatoes (I don't really eat a lot of red meat, so it's just sitting there. I'll probably use it in a stew or something). And the last time I drank a beer, I got the flu and it's kind of left a mark on me. Like a coyote that eats tainted lamb meat to induce vomiting, I don't feel the urge to go back. Sigh. So much for that.

    Art wise, I'm working on a commission and am doing some work for eBay sales. Plus, I want to get through my second book. I'm about at the 1/3 mark but it's going to need revising, of course.

    Projects I'm working on: removing old wallpaper from hallway, plans to paint dining room table and back porch, organize my room as it is starting to look like a strange burrow.

    Things of late I've found in Mr. Nelson's hair:
    2. Leaves and burrs
    3. Soy sauce
    4. Rice
    5. jello
    6. Finger paint: variety of colors crackers

    Fortunately, that's about it. It's a good thing it rains as much as it does around here. It really helps to clean him off a bit.

    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    Illustration Thursday!

    Wow! I didn't think I'd make this. I have been trying to finish a magazine illustration and I did! So, now I can play and relax.

    I really had to think about this word "travel" because I wanted it to be so much and yet I didn't think I wanted to be too controversial. So, it suddenly dawned on me. I can travel outside without a huge winter coat, snow boots, scarf, and mittens! This is a big step for a mom and dad with two kids in tow. It's hard for the parents and the little ones who have to waddle around. So, here is to traveling lightly and moving freely. Hurray for Spring!

    Title "Spring Joy"

    Saturday, April 02, 2005

    There are some things in this life

    that are really worth doing. One of which is giving your pet a treat and besides this one is volunteering at the humane society. That's what Jon and I did this Saturday morning. It was one of the most rewarding things I've done in a long while. Not only was it great to see other volunteers (we did this with our Unitarian Group) and meet new people, but we met a whole group of animals. There is always a sad element, certainly, of animals that may not get homes but for a little while they get to know kindness and compassion. I think this means a lot. Certainly, I might not be able to adopt all the dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs but I can donate time and money to help them.

    There were two dogs that took my fancy; a dog named Sadie and another named Lady. Both were such sweet hearts and really seemed more relaxed and well behaved around people. If I could I would have adopted both of them. This would be a definite yes, if we had a fence. But right now, we only have a little run for Mr. Nelson. Speaking of Mr.Nelson, he got a little too excited when we got home from our hanging out with Sadie. Oh, well...

    Oh, I'm tired. It's a real workout cleaning out cages, washing doors and windows, walking dogs and I must have petted something like 10 cats, and over 20 dogs. My cats seem to know that I did this and have been trying to get more attention or less (depending on the cat). Don't worry guys, I'm not going to get 3 more cats (though it's tempting as heck). There were 2 really cute kittens and an older cat that was super friendly. I had my eye on some guinea pigs that were really sweet too...though one nipped me (I had just cut a carrot piece and I think it was a taste nip. Jon had a flash back to the vicious hamster attack he had as a boy and is shaking his head. Poor Jon...).

    Mr. Nelson is watching me from the gate. He gets a bit needy and tries to play when I'm typing at the computer. I don't know why he does he's making slight breathing noises like he's suffering and is staring at me. I think he just wants some of the cornbread I made...he gets bitter if I don't share. Geez, Mr. Nelson! It's not like I didn't just give him 5 treats just now! Now he's staring me down...

    Anyway, I had a very productive day and I got some cool stuff from! We got a kitchen island, a mass of barbie dolls/furniture and all sorts of baskets. All for free. I love freecycling. I've got a ton of ideas on what to do with various items in a crafty/artistic way. I think I'm going to spray paint the big basket a fresh white and use it to store toys or as a hamper. And a lot of the other things I'm going to make into new things. Some of the barbies will be given dramtic makeovers. For some reason 98% have blonde hair. That's so annoying. They may end up with raven black, brown or even multi-colored. My daughter had a blast scrubbing them in the sink.

    Well, I've got to go and give Mr. Nelson some cornbread. I had a great day and if you're ever bored, want a free work out and some dog lovin' volunteer at your local animal humane society. What they need: big chew hides for big dogs, money and your time. Be prepared for mud if you live in a rainy region (as I didn't do...why did I wear white canvas shoes?!?) and get ready to feel good about sharing some quality time with good animals and some really good people. :-)

    Friday, April 01, 2005


    Oh, this is so cute...I had to share it with all of you out there.

  • Penguins stare in awe at Giant visitor

    My 3 year old is going to really like this. She loves penguins and giants! This is really cute.
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