Beautiful day...

It was one of those beautiful days that stand out so brightly because most of the time it's so gray and cloudy. Mr. Nelson went crazy trying to play with the girls but they are still too small. Not that Mr. Nelson is a huge dog, he's a bichon, but he is hyper and likes to jump on us. Plus, he's attached to a line as we don't have a fence yet. The line can tangle onto us as he is hyper and likes to jump as stated earlier. Dogs...

Lydia has a cold and is coughing and I'm doomed to get it, I'm sure. Norrie is starting to sound sick too. I found out I need glasses and my eyes aren't just blurry from lack of sleep or viewing the computer for many hours. The good thing is I don't have glaucoma (which my dad and aunt have). I was really worried about this. I hope the frames look decent and I feel comfortable with them.

In other news, I've sent out one query letter to a publisher and am planning to try others. My goal is to send 1 a week. I think this is reasonable and not too intimidating.

It's amazing how my eye sight has really effected me emotionally. I didn't realize it was so bad, actually. I've started noticing behavior of mine that is problematic because of my eyes. Mostly reading and driving. I've slowed down on my reading to the point where I can't focus on a few pages because my eyes start to hurt. I attributed this to the writers fault but now, I realize it's mostly because it's painful to read. I can't wait till my glasses come in. Plus, I have been having headaches (which I thought was allergy related) and may be related to my eyes. How the puzzle pieces are fitting together.

Well, it's late and my eyes are getting tired (thank goodness for big fonts). Tomorrow is Lydia's b-day party and I have to make a Totoro cake. If it comes out good I'll post it. We're having a small party (grandfolks and auntie) as we've been having way too much happening lately house wise (roof and safety things done on the house) to do a big one. But next year, I will go all out. Plus, I'm thinking of getting a block party going. I wonder if anyone else will be up to that. I do like good parties where there is flow and fun and lots of food. I still have a bit of reservations about alcohol for parties (this is because I brought up by very, strict protestant parents). It's funny how that works out into your later life. Actually, we do have some beer around the house. The dark stuff is pretty icky accept with meat and potatoes (I don't really eat a lot of red meat, so it's just sitting there. I'll probably use it in a stew or something). And the last time I drank a beer, I got the flu and it's kind of left a mark on me. Like a coyote that eats tainted lamb meat to induce vomiting, I don't feel the urge to go back. Sigh. So much for that.

Art wise, I'm working on a commission and am doing some work for eBay sales. Plus, I want to get through my second book. I'm about at the 1/3 mark but it's going to need revising, of course.

Projects I'm working on: removing old wallpaper from hallway, plans to paint dining room table and back porch, organize my room as it is starting to look like a strange burrow.

Things of late I've found in Mr. Nelson's hair:
2. Leaves and burrs
3. Soy sauce
4. Rice
5. jello
6. Finger paint: variety of colors crackers

Fortunately, that's about it. It's a good thing it rains as much as it does around here. It really helps to clean him off a bit.


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