There are some things in this life

that are really worth doing. One of which is giving your pet a treat and besides this one is volunteering at the humane society. That's what Jon and I did this Saturday morning. It was one of the most rewarding things I've done in a long while. Not only was it great to see other volunteers (we did this with our Unitarian Group) and meet new people, but we met a whole group of animals. There is always a sad element, certainly, of animals that may not get homes but for a little while they get to know kindness and compassion. I think this means a lot. Certainly, I might not be able to adopt all the dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs but I can donate time and money to help them.

There were two dogs that took my fancy; a dog named Sadie and another named Lady. Both were such sweet hearts and really seemed more relaxed and well behaved around people. If I could I would have adopted both of them. This would be a definite yes, if we had a fence. But right now, we only have a little run for Mr. Nelson. Speaking of Mr.Nelson, he got a little too excited when we got home from our hanging out with Sadie. Oh, well...

Oh, I'm tired. It's a real workout cleaning out cages, washing doors and windows, walking dogs and I must have petted something like 10 cats, and over 20 dogs. My cats seem to know that I did this and have been trying to get more attention or less (depending on the cat). Don't worry guys, I'm not going to get 3 more cats (though it's tempting as heck). There were 2 really cute kittens and an older cat that was super friendly. I had my eye on some guinea pigs that were really sweet too...though one nipped me (I had just cut a carrot piece and I think it was a taste nip. Jon had a flash back to the vicious hamster attack he had as a boy and is shaking his head. Poor Jon...).

Mr. Nelson is watching me from the gate. He gets a bit needy and tries to play when I'm typing at the computer. I don't know why he does he's making slight breathing noises like he's suffering and is staring at me. I think he just wants some of the cornbread I made...he gets bitter if I don't share. Geez, Mr. Nelson! It's not like I didn't just give him 5 treats just now! Now he's staring me down...

Anyway, I had a very productive day and I got some cool stuff from! We got a kitchen island, a mass of barbie dolls/furniture and all sorts of baskets. All for free. I love freecycling. I've got a ton of ideas on what to do with various items in a crafty/artistic way. I think I'm going to spray paint the big basket a fresh white and use it to store toys or as a hamper. And a lot of the other things I'm going to make into new things. Some of the barbies will be given dramtic makeovers. For some reason 98% have blonde hair. That's so annoying. They may end up with raven black, brown or even multi-colored. My daughter had a blast scrubbing them in the sink.

Well, I've got to go and give Mr. Nelson some cornbread. I had a great day and if you're ever bored, want a free work out and some dog lovin' volunteer at your local animal humane society. What they need: big chew hides for big dogs, money and your time. Be prepared for mud if you live in a rainy region (as I didn't do...why did I wear white canvas shoes?!?) and get ready to feel good about sharing some quality time with good animals and some really good people. :-)


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