Monday, July 30, 2012

For my dad

For the Answering of Prayer Almighty God, you have promised to hear the petitions of those who ask in your Son's Name: We pray mercifully to incline your ear to us who have now made our prayers and supplications unto you; and grant that those things which we have faithfully asked according to your will, may effectually be obtained, to the relief of our necessity, and to the setting forth of your glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. I feel like my dad being stable is truly from all our prayers and the very good doctors,nurses and my Mom we've been blessed with.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sinbad Terrence

Sinbad Terrence by Emilyannamarie
Sinbad Terrence, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Toy Sunday
theme: Arabian Nights

Terrence takes to the Seven Seas and becomes Sinbad.

Friday, July 27, 2012

If you look at zero you see nothing; but look through it and you will see the world. - Robert Kaplan

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

having fun


I joined this fun group on flickr called Toy Sunday. They have different themes each week and I ask my family for advice on what to create. The first one was Extreme Sports and Jon came up with a City Slicker's idea of herding My little Ponies to the waterhole:

Extreme Sports (late)

The next one was "Prom"
 School Social The last one was "Sky" (the above pic). It's fun and makes for a fun summer project. Hopefully, I'll find time once school rolls up. We saw the first back to school commercial the other day from Target. We were all bummed. I think I'm starting to get over Mr. Nelson's going. It's still hard when we walk Penny or go by a house with bichons (they have 2 mixed cute!). I'm think of what to paint on his little tomb stone. Been doing more yard work now that the weather isn't so brutally hot/humid. I'm trying to grow potatoes...I know it's late in the season and that is the biggest issue. So, it's more of an experiment. I found this delightful blog last night and how they have some chickens, ducks and rabbits. Makes me want to at least have some rabbits. We'd have to have a better fence and more fruit trees. We shall see. I'm cleaning up several spots in the house. I think we have too many toys and will be either donating/selling them. Maybe I need an actual toy box. I just usually use cardboard boxes...seems like they are too small. Anyway, time to reorganize and go through things. I don't want to think about the fall and school starting up. Seems too soon. Gotta do some things my mom and touch base and hopefully, do some art. :) Have a good day~

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sharing good things

Awhile ago, I saw this really cute idea on facebook. It had "Take what you need" and little tabs to pull off with words like love, happiness, joy, etc. I did my own and asked if I could share this at church. I was allowed and this is what it looks like:


Well, I really loved this idea and did a more church related version as well...

God gives you what you need

It makes me happy to share this and that other people will think about what God is to them. Hopefully, it will remind people that God is love. 

The Grass is greener

Lately, when I've been feeling down & start to think things aren't as great as I'd like them to be, I start to think other people have better lives then me. When this happens, that feeling of jealousy rears it's head. I notice I will have hardly any sympathy or kind word to think/say about whatever it is I'm jealous about. So, what do you do at this point? Do I just stew in my juices and shake my fist to the sky? Well, maybe for 5 to 10 minutes. :) But after this is all said and done, it's time to get past this and work on my own garden plot. Once I'm able to name that feeling, in this case jealousy, I'm able to find ways to cope and get past this. Here are some tips I found helpful from this site
  • Always examine your jealous thoughts for a sense of entitlement. Whatever it is that someone is getting and you're not (thus sparking jealousy) is something that you feel entitled to; something that you feel is rightfully yours. Instead of trying to convince someone (through jealous behavior) that they should give you what you want, think of ways you can earn it. Focus on being a good person.
  • The best way to make someone spend even more time away from you is to act jealous. When you're being angry, snarky or sarcastic, you're not only less fun to be around, you're making the person feel that you think you own them.
  • Prepare a list of good qualities about yourself and focus inward. This will help resolve any internal insecurities that you have. Remember, those insecurities are manifested outwardly through your jealousy.
  • Do not let them see that you are jealous, because they could have the right to be mad at you.
  • Give yourself a day to cool down, do not react immediately. Always give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Do not believe anything until you have actually seen it.... but if you have a bad feeling and you are absolutely convinced your partner is cheating, then just walk away, it is hard but time heals any wound, there are plenty of fish in the sea.
  • Overcoming jealousy will take time. Be patient with yourself.
  • Never let your feelings of jealousy push you to abuse someone, verbally or physically.
  • Don't get angry at the person you're jealous of - it will only make things worse.
  • always take a second to tell them how much you love them
  • Just because you feel or see something in your mind, doesn't mean it is true. Focus on reality.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

days like that

Garfi-I Said "NO!!!"
Did you ever have days like that? Maybe it was a week, a month? How about a year like that? Some people do have bad years. Sad. Hopefully, they can start to get out of that mood/feeling/ ________ (fill in the blank). Today I felt up and sort of down. I felt pretty good most of the morning and then about 2pm, I started to feel just plain tired. So, I went upstairs to go take a nap and instantly stepped on a tack. The very tack I had picked up and put on the shelf and someone had knocked down or played with and left on the stairs. I was not happy in the least. I was upset, crying, bloody and feeling faint. Jon was very sweet and kind. Rubbed my owie and calmed me down (I was convinced I was going to get that flesh bacteria). It's so nice when your partner is calm and you need someone to say everything is going to be all right. Sometimes, it's all you need to hear and know. I fell asleep and 3 hrs later, woke up. Everyone had gone for a walk and it was pouring outside after they got back. Jon made omelets and we watched "Tangled". He even mopped up the bathroom floor. So sweet. I felt a lot better and not so sad...still a little grumpy but more my old self (my foot still hurts and I'm thankful I've had a tetanus shot).

Of course, now I'm up and everyone is tired and sleeping. lol The one thing I don't like about humidity besides it being humid is the floors get sticky. This is very annoying.

Also, I'm making some more new things/finishing up art work to sell. It's good to get positive feedback as well when doing these things. I'm going to do more cat art too. I just wish I didn't feel so grumpy right now. At least we have air conditioning. lol

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Farmer's Market Day

Table 2

We did the local Farmer's Market in downtown Altoona. This was our first time so, we were a little nervous and had a few things to iron out. It was all resolved once I brought the kids back for a break...basically, I needed some extra display items. I'm planning to add to this too. I used an old spring for a child's bed as the frame and made a "V" shape. I was able to secure pieces
might trim it in wood, we shall see

(a lot of my work is for walls) on there with "S" hooks or bend the wire to hook on it. I really liked the way I got this together and brought it down to Jon.

I also made bookmarks to give away for free as well as my business cards. Since we plan on doing this till October, I'm thinking, of doing more seasonal items as well. Probably do some knitting and do some warm items as well as Halloween/Christmas things. I'm too tired to think about it now.

Again, with such outside events, planning is key. Do not leave anything till the last minutes as you will only be stressed out and this is not fun. I would consider getting 1 more table (we had 2), bring a cooler, some chairs, and leave the kids at the grandparents. Boy, do they add extra stress. lol

The kids had a great time, actually. My elder two made things to sell (note cards and name cards) and the youngest ran around the plaza like crazy. Of course, I forgot my camera (till I went back the 2nd time). Next Saturday we'll be more prepared.
Our little spot :)
The one good thing is this got my mind off of my sweet Mr. Nelson. I miss him. I found an ornament I did (he was the inspiration for a Bichon painting) and was so glad it didn't sell. I still can't believe he's gone. Penny is doing better, especially if I walk her a lot. I can tell she's still down about him too.

A funny thing about this Farmer's market...I made a bunch of stuff to sell but being me, I over did it and only finished about 20-30 things. I have probably 20-50 things I need to finish up. lol I also, in my madness, started making cards and envelops. I didn't realize you could make nearly any large paper into a lovely envelop. I'll take some pics of mine. I'm doing an angel themed envelop because that's one of the calendars I have. I wish I had more calendars now! Fairy's would be so pretty too.

I need a nap. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Contact nature every day; feel the earth beneath your feet -Nearing

He's the "Brain"!

He's the "Brain"! by Emilyannamarie
He's the "Brain"!, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Pushing too hard

I guess I should have told Jon I wasn't feeling 100% yesterday...I thought I did but not till he got home. I tried to do finish up some art but was feeling lousy and then last night, was up with a migraine and feeling nausous. I still have a headache today. So, we had to cancel the Farmer's Market table today. We'll definitely be there on Saturday. I Really, really don't like feeling bad. I have a feeling it's partially stress related with Nelson passing and pollen. I didn't think I was doing too much but I guess I am.

I'll get over through's a matter or resting and time. I just feel bad for announcing this and not fulfilling my part (being at the farmer's market). :(

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Penny is missing Mr. Nelson
Woke up to an annoying migraine. Plus, the youngest Gottshall was soaking wet, poor kid. We've got to work on that part. sigh...

The weather wasn't too bad in the early morning but as the day! Not as bad as my mom's place (104 degrees!). Yikes!

Art Yard Sale from 2011
I have to download a bunch of photos, update a few blogs and prep for tomorrow. We decided to participate in the local Farmer's market. I'm going to bring my artwork and hopefully, sell some goodies. I have no idea what it's going to be like but we shall see. I feel so last minute. Yesterday, I was very down about our Nelson and then, the migraine today. So, who knows what will happen.

Jon got a tent and it actually looks pretty cool. It has a Penn State feel (deep blue color) and silver lining. I was worried it would be bright blue and make all my art blue color. But it's really nice,actually.

I just hope it's not 100 degrees or humid or something. I wish I had grown some vegetables to sell or could bring in some's been so dry and I haven't checked on my mint patch. We shall see.

Renting tables at the Farmer's market is very affordable...only $15 and you get two days. I hope this works out and we can do it once a week, at the least. I still want to do an Art Yard Sale...maybe I'll aim for the last weekend in July. So much has happened, I've been overwhelmed by the craziness of life. Most of it is manageable, thank God.

 Some good news: My dad is communicating and feeling more stable. He had a "picc line" .  I was pleased to learn that this is a very good way to getting dad the treatments he needs with less invasion and if he ever wanted to go home, he'd have faster treatment too. I'm so glad my mom has experience with nursing (she was an assistant nurse in her youth). He is also been given more food through his feeding tube and seems to be more him self. He's actually talking more...still effected by the stroke but communicating! His roommate is Latino and my dad is remembering how to speak in Spanish, again! :) My dad actually knows several, this is nice to see him do again. Sometimes, he forgets and talks to people in his native language of Bulgarian. I love this...but I see how it confuses people too. At one time my dad could speak some Korean, Japanese as well as Armenian. If he hangs out with people of different cultures, he would be able to just start talking to them and remember words. I wish I could do that!

I'm glad I had a good conversation with my mom. So many times, people have been negative or "realistic" and it's good to know that we did the right thing and never gave up. It feels like things are stable and even though bad things do and have happened, we've learned from them and carried on. Hopefully, things stay stable for now; that is a blessing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mopy day

I felt down all day. I know it was furry dog related. I just felt tired and uninspired. I should have taken the kids out or did something...was actually planning to but started to feel so sad and tired at the thought. It feels like a piece of my heart is missing. I really feel like I was completely unprepared for this loss.

A part of me has been thinking some of my pets might go soon...they are getting up there in age. But Nelson was so young. I feel sort of like I should have researched diseases that Bichon's get but I didn't. I also feel sort of like, why did it have to get hot and I didn't notice there was something seriously wrong with him. He had a rapid heart beat (thought it was heat related), and felt warm to the touch (temperature but couldn't tell because it was warm and he was longer haired then Penny). I don't know if it would have made a difference. All I do know is I wish I had given him more hamburgers.

And then, I have the kids talking to me about another dog. I'm curious about this as well but still feel like, I'd like to wait some. If I did get another dog, I'd like it to be a mix of Bichon and something else. Hopefully, this would decrease the chances of getting the anemia illness.

I also need to get another journal as I finished my old one and I think not getting things out on paper is making me feel worse. I really enjoy jotting my feelings down and adding a doodle. Helps me unwind.

Well, gotta do some cleaning up...I let things slide the past few days and now have to organize things. Plus, we're going to do the farmer's market downtown Altoona on Thursday. Wish us luck.  have a good week.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday evening

4th of July Guinea pig

All in all, today was a good day. Even though I didn't feel like going out, I went to church and the family dinner. I'm glad I did as I had a good time at both. I still feel very sad about Mr. Nelson's passing...if I think about it too much, I just want to cry. A part of me wishes I knew he had this issue and I would have stuffed him full of hamburgers and treats. It just seems like so much went by so fast and I'm still trying to comprehend it all.

The kids are already thinking of new dogs and puppies. I admit, I am too. I'm very glad to have Penny, here. I even want to think about how much harder this would be with out her. I'm also glad she is mixed and not a "pure" breed dog. It seems nearly every dog like this out there has some sort of health concern.

We lit firecrackers at the family gathering. Harrison loved it but was a little afraid too (thankfully). The fireflies and kids running around was very sweet. I could tell it made everyone feel happy.

Some good news for my dad. He is much more stable, on a better "calming" drug where he's able to communicate and do physical therapy. His pain is down considerably and is related primarily to his dislocated shoulder. They seem to have wrapped it and he isn't in pain from the bone cancer. So, this is a huge, huge relief. We know his heart is healing (from the infection) and this could take him any time, but for now, he is stable. This is a huge blessing and keeps things balanced.

I sometime forget to add things to my and such. I usually update my facebook more frequently. Here's a picture of my dad from last week (thanks, to my brother). :) Dad is looking so much better and quite distinguished. My brother, David, showed him the photo and dad said, Is that me? He was shocked at how pale he looked. Jon said he looks like John Brown. :) This made me smile. Quite a few people on FB were sweet and commented on my dad looking really good and stately. I told my mom and I know she'll let my dad know.

Well, tomorrow is Monday. This past week felt choppy and odd with a holiday stuck in the middle and having lost our dog. We did get to see a large fireworks display as we drove home past the Lakemont park. It was quite fun and we stopped in a parking lot to check it out. It made me feel happy and forget about the troubles we've had lately. I guess they did their magic.

I'm going to focus on happy memories of our dog, Nelson and I have been doing bichon artwork (just for me); this helps too.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Mr. Nelson 2005-2012

Mr. Nelson 2005-2012 by Emilyannamarie
Mr. Nelson 2005-2012, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

I'll miss you, dear Mr. Nelson. I know you didn't suffer too much and I love you. You were a good, stubborn, sweet and funny dog. I know you're happy in rainbow bridge...but I hope you'll be reborn as a puppy and drive more people love.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Feeling down and tired

I was trying to get some time to talk with my mom but as it turned out, potty training needed to commence right at that time (clean up, actually). So, I had to cut it short. Mom said we'd talk later tonight.

I'm feeling down because Mr. Nelson, our dog, is ill. Looks like lyme disease from a tick bite. I feel sad thinking about this. He is anemic and has to have iron, 2 types of antibiotecs and pain pills. I am shocked but at least I know now. The other thing it could be is a Bichon illness (autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA, also called immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, or IMHA) )  that causes anemia as well. I'm hoping for lyme...I know this sounds weird but the Bichon illness is totally fatal. :(  I didn't realize specialized breeds could have such terrible illnesses. To know for sure we'd have to get a $500 test in State College...I don't even think I'd do this if I had the money. I'd rather treat what it most likely is and hopefully, he'll survive. I don't know. He has an appointment tomorrow at 9am. He did eat a little and took his meds/ drank water from a plate (too weak to lift his head up to drink).

Of course, now I'm afraid that Penny might have lyme disease (our puggle) as she wasn't feeling 100% about 2 months ago. I feel like we've been attached by plagues of bugs. :(

I feel exhausted. Nelson is so good about taking his meds. I just hope they help him.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

shadow show

shadow show by Emilyannamarie
shadow show, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Jon fixed my puppet stage and it is 100% secure! :) yes! more shows to come.

Have a Happy 4th!

Have a Happy 4th! by Emilyannamarie
Have a Happy 4th!, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Monday, July 02, 2012

gentle weekend~

Tribbles Spock and Kirk Star Trek TOS

We had planned to go to Pittsburgh but ended up taking Saturday off. I was glad as I got to chat with my little brother and get caught up on stuff. It's always good to touch base and talk. I sometimes forget that. : )

The weather wasn't too bad but very humid. In the process of the day, one of our dear piggies, Cherry, passed away. I sort of knew something was up. She is 7 years old and she had seemed down the day before...not popping out to great me and seeming a little low in energy. I feel sad she has left us but 7 years is a good long time for a piggy. We are planning to rescue some more piggies...hopefully, soon. Sukie, our other piggy, is a bit lonely. In fact, she was the one crying and told everyone that Cherry was gone. :( This was really heart breaking. She is sitting in the living room and being the center of attention. I know guinea pigs love company and we need to find her a friend. Personally, I'd like to get 2-3 more piggies (hopefully, all girls) and they can run around and be happy. Maybe I'm becoming like that Star Trek episode with the Tribbles. Remember that one? Oh ,well.

I'm working on a grannie square quilt and am on the last bit of squares. It's not perfect but it's almost done. I probably should make grannie squares but I don't feel like doing that. My sis-in-law gave the ones I'm using to me...guess she got tired of making them. lol

Anyway, lots of stuff to do today...thankfully, not all about cleaning. I feel like I went through a marathon of washing (and the water/power bills are currently reflecting this).

Hoping to get some things listed on eBay, Etsy, and printed on Zazzle. Trying to put together some work to submit to some companies as well. Little by little. Oh, and we're planning to do a Farmer's Market table this weekend. wish us luck! I'm still planning an Art Yard Sale too. This will be the 3rd year...

I'm making some fun folk trains for the Farmer's Market...they look like 1950's style trains out of wood. Might try something more detailed, older trains if I get the wood/time together. Fun stuff. And yes, pics to come. :)


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