having fun


I joined this fun group on flickr called Toy Sunday. They have different themes each week and I ask my family for advice on what to create. The first one was Extreme Sports and Jon came up with a City Slicker's idea of herding My little Ponies to the waterhole:

Extreme Sports (late)

The next one was "Prom"
 School Social The last one was "Sky" (the above pic). It's fun and makes for a fun summer project. Hopefully, I'll find time once school rolls up. We saw the first back to school commercial the other day from Target. We were all bummed. I think I'm starting to get over Mr. Nelson's going. It's still hard when we walk Penny or go by a house with bichons (they have 2 mixed bichons...so cute!). I'm think of what to paint on his little tomb stone. Been doing more yard work now that the weather isn't so brutally hot/humid. I'm trying to grow potatoes...I know it's late in the season and that is the biggest issue. So, it's more of an experiment. I found this delightful blog last night and how they have some chickens, ducks and rabbits. Makes me want to at least have some rabbits. We'd have to have a better fence and more fruit trees. We shall see. I'm cleaning up several spots in the house. I think we have too many toys and will be either donating/selling them. Maybe I need an actual toy box. I just usually use cardboard boxes...seems like they are too small. Anyway, time to reorganize and go through things. I don't want to think about the fall and school starting up. Seems too soon. Gotta do some things today...call my mom and touch base and hopefully, do some art. :) Have a good day~


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