gentle weekend~

Tribbles Spock and Kirk Star Trek TOS

We had planned to go to Pittsburgh but ended up taking Saturday off. I was glad as I got to chat with my little brother and get caught up on stuff. It's always good to touch base and talk. I sometimes forget that. : )

The weather wasn't too bad but very humid. In the process of the day, one of our dear piggies, Cherry, passed away. I sort of knew something was up. She is 7 years old and she had seemed down the day before...not popping out to great me and seeming a little low in energy. I feel sad she has left us but 7 years is a good long time for a piggy. We are planning to rescue some more piggies...hopefully, soon. Sukie, our other piggy, is a bit lonely. In fact, she was the one crying and told everyone that Cherry was gone. :( This was really heart breaking. She is sitting in the living room and being the center of attention. I know guinea pigs love company and we need to find her a friend. Personally, I'd like to get 2-3 more piggies (hopefully, all girls) and they can run around and be happy. Maybe I'm becoming like that Star Trek episode with the Tribbles. Remember that one? Oh ,well.

I'm working on a grannie square quilt and am on the last bit of squares. It's not perfect but it's almost done. I probably should make grannie squares but I don't feel like doing that. My sis-in-law gave the ones I'm using to me...guess she got tired of making them. lol

Anyway, lots of stuff to do today...thankfully, not all about cleaning. I feel like I went through a marathon of washing (and the water/power bills are currently reflecting this).

Hoping to get some things listed on eBay, Etsy, and printed on Zazzle. Trying to put together some work to submit to some companies as well. Little by little. Oh, and we're planning to do a Farmer's Market table this weekend. wish us luck! I'm still planning an Art Yard Sale too. This will be the 3rd year...

I'm making some fun folk trains for the Farmer's Market...they look like 1950's style trains out of wood. Might try something more detailed, older trains if I get the wood/time together. Fun stuff. And yes, pics to come. :)


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