Penny is missing Mr. Nelson
Woke up to an annoying migraine. Plus, the youngest Gottshall was soaking wet, poor kid. We've got to work on that part. sigh...

The weather wasn't too bad in the early morning but as the day progressed...hot! Not as bad as my mom's place (104 degrees!). Yikes!

Art Yard Sale from 2011
I have to download a bunch of photos, update a few blogs and prep for tomorrow. We decided to participate in the local Farmer's market. I'm going to bring my artwork and hopefully, sell some goodies. I have no idea what it's going to be like but we shall see. I feel so last minute. Yesterday, I was very down about our Nelson and then, the migraine today. So, who knows what will happen.

Jon got a tent and it actually looks pretty cool. It has a Penn State feel (deep blue color) and silver lining. I was worried it would be bright blue and make all my art blue color. But it's really nice,actually.

I just hope it's not 100 degrees or humid or something. I wish I had grown some vegetables to sell or could bring in some mint...it's been so dry and I haven't checked on my mint patch. We shall see.

Renting tables at the Farmer's market is very affordable...only $15 and you get two days. I hope this works out and we can do it once a week, at the least. I still want to do an Art Yard Sale...maybe I'll aim for the last weekend in July. So much has happened, I've been overwhelmed by the craziness of life. Most of it is manageable, thank God.

 Some good news: My dad is communicating and feeling more stable. He had a "picc line" .  I was pleased to learn that this is a very good way to getting dad the treatments he needs with less invasion and if he ever wanted to go home, he'd have faster treatment too. I'm so glad my mom has experience with nursing (she was an assistant nurse in her youth). He is also been given more food through his feeding tube and seems to be more him self. He's actually talking more...still effected by the stroke but communicating! His roommate is Latino and my dad is remembering how to speak in Spanish, again! :) My dad actually knows several languages...so, this is nice to see him do again. Sometimes, he forgets and talks to people in his native language of Bulgarian. I love this...but I see how it confuses people too. At one time my dad could speak some Korean, Japanese as well as Armenian. If he hangs out with people of different cultures, he would be able to just start talking to them and remember words. I wish I could do that!

I'm glad I had a good conversation with my mom. So many times, people have been negative or "realistic" and it's good to know that we did the right thing and never gave up. It feels like things are stable and even though bad things do and have happened, we've learned from them and carried on. Hopefully, things stay stable for now; that is a blessing.


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