Farmer's Market Day

Table 2

We did the local Farmer's Market in downtown Altoona. This was our first time so, we were a little nervous and had a few things to iron out. It was all resolved once I brought the kids back for a break...basically, I needed some extra display items. I'm planning to add to this too. I used an old spring for a child's bed as the frame and made a "V" shape. I was able to secure pieces
might trim it in wood, we shall see

(a lot of my work is for walls) on there with "S" hooks or bend the wire to hook on it. I really liked the way I got this together and brought it down to Jon.

I also made bookmarks to give away for free as well as my business cards. Since we plan on doing this till October, I'm thinking, of doing more seasonal items as well. Probably do some knitting and do some warm items as well as Halloween/Christmas things. I'm too tired to think about it now.

Again, with such outside events, planning is key. Do not leave anything till the last minutes as you will only be stressed out and this is not fun. I would consider getting 1 more table (we had 2), bring a cooler, some chairs, and leave the kids at the grandparents. Boy, do they add extra stress. lol

The kids had a great time, actually. My elder two made things to sell (note cards and name cards) and the youngest ran around the plaza like crazy. Of course, I forgot my camera (till I went back the 2nd time). Next Saturday we'll be more prepared.
Our little spot :)
The one good thing is this got my mind off of my sweet Mr. Nelson. I miss him. I found an ornament I did (he was the inspiration for a Bichon painting) and was so glad it didn't sell. I still can't believe he's gone. Penny is doing better, especially if I walk her a lot. I can tell she's still down about him too.

A funny thing about this Farmer's market...I made a bunch of stuff to sell but being me, I over did it and only finished about 20-30 things. I have probably 20-50 things I need to finish up. lol I also, in my madness, started making cards and envelops. I didn't realize you could make nearly any large paper into a lovely envelop. I'll take some pics of mine. I'm doing an angel themed envelop because that's one of the calendars I have. I wish I had more calendars now! Fairy's would be so pretty too.

I need a nap. Have a good weekend!


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