Feeling down and tired

I was trying to get some time to talk with my mom but as it turned out, potty training needed to commence right at that time (clean up, actually). So, I had to cut it short. Mom said we'd talk later tonight.

I'm feeling down because Mr. Nelson, our dog, is ill. Looks like lyme disease from a tick bite. I feel sad thinking about this. He is anemic and has to have iron, 2 types of antibiotecs and pain pills. I am shocked but at least I know now. The other thing it could be is a Bichon illness (autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA, also called immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, or IMHA) )  that causes anemia as well. I'm hoping for lyme...I know this sounds weird but the Bichon illness is totally fatal. :(  I didn't realize specialized breeds could have such terrible illnesses. To know for sure we'd have to get a $500 test in State College...I don't even think I'd do this if I had the money. I'd rather treat what it most likely is and hopefully, he'll survive. I don't know. He has an appointment tomorrow at 9am. He did eat a little and took his meds/ drank water from a plate (too weak to lift his head up to drink).

Of course, now I'm afraid that Penny might have lyme disease (our puggle) as she wasn't feeling 100% about 2 months ago. I feel like we've been attached by plagues of bugs. :(

I feel exhausted. Nelson is so good about taking his meds. I just hope they help him.


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