days like that

Garfi-I Said "NO!!!"
Did you ever have days like that? Maybe it was a week, a month? How about a year like that? Some people do have bad years. Sad. Hopefully, they can start to get out of that mood/feeling/ ________ (fill in the blank). Today I felt up and sort of down. I felt pretty good most of the morning and then about 2pm, I started to feel just plain tired. So, I went upstairs to go take a nap and instantly stepped on a tack. The very tack I had picked up and put on the shelf and someone had knocked down or played with and left on the stairs. I was not happy in the least. I was upset, crying, bloody and feeling faint. Jon was very sweet and kind. Rubbed my owie and calmed me down (I was convinced I was going to get that flesh bacteria). It's so nice when your partner is calm and you need someone to say everything is going to be all right. Sometimes, it's all you need to hear and know. I fell asleep and 3 hrs later, woke up. Everyone had gone for a walk and it was pouring outside after they got back. Jon made omelets and we watched "Tangled". He even mopped up the bathroom floor. So sweet. I felt a lot better and not so sad...still a little grumpy but more my old self (my foot still hurts and I'm thankful I've had a tetanus shot).

Of course, now I'm up and everyone is tired and sleeping. lol The one thing I don't like about humidity besides it being humid is the floors get sticky. This is very annoying.

Also, I'm making some more new things/finishing up art work to sell. It's good to get positive feedback as well when doing these things. I'm going to do more cat art too. I just wish I didn't feel so grumpy right now. At least we have air conditioning. lol


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