Mopy day

I felt down all day. I know it was furry dog related. I just felt tired and uninspired. I should have taken the kids out or did something...was actually planning to but started to feel so sad and tired at the thought. It feels like a piece of my heart is missing. I really feel like I was completely unprepared for this loss.

A part of me has been thinking some of my pets might go soon...they are getting up there in age. But Nelson was so young. I feel sort of like I should have researched diseases that Bichon's get but I didn't. I also feel sort of like, why did it have to get hot and I didn't notice there was something seriously wrong with him. He had a rapid heart beat (thought it was heat related), and felt warm to the touch (temperature but couldn't tell because it was warm and he was longer haired then Penny). I don't know if it would have made a difference. All I do know is I wish I had given him more hamburgers.

And then, I have the kids talking to me about another dog. I'm curious about this as well but still feel like, I'd like to wait some. If I did get another dog, I'd like it to be a mix of Bichon and something else. Hopefully, this would decrease the chances of getting the anemia illness.

I also need to get another journal as I finished my old one and I think not getting things out on paper is making me feel worse. I really enjoy jotting my feelings down and adding a doodle. Helps me unwind.

Well, gotta do some cleaning up...I let things slide the past few days and now have to organize things. Plus, we're going to do the farmer's market downtown Altoona on Thursday. Wish us luck.  have a good week.


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