Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I will walk with you

i will take you with me

thought this was so lovely~ beautiful work by Bricolage life

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekend rainy and muddling

The kids are having a sleep over and have started off with chatting, sweets and now are settling down to watch "Howl's Moving Castle". :) A classic at our house, to be sure.

It was a nice day at church, even though I was terrible and late and half the laundry didn't dry making me later. Still, we got out the door and that is what matters.

I've got to start doing more auctions on Ebay and Etsy. I'll be giving a lower price at Ebay but if a person wants to buy an item without all the fuss of bidding, Etsy is the spot. I'll be adding new things to my Zazzle as well. :) Just need to get my self organized.

Lately, we've been having extremely hot and humid weather. In fact, it looks like it's about to have a thunder storm, again. It's in the late 80's temp and tomorrow is supposed to be 90! Wow. The plants love this weather but it does feel a bit exhausting on our old bones and such. Still, the green is so, so gorgeous!

The house smells like popcorn...Jon just made a batch for the kids. Pizza is baking and I'm typing here with the air conditioner blowing at me. The sky is so dark and it's almost 6pm...a storm is a brewing~ How exciting. Just hope it's not too serious.

I'm going to work on the afghan blanket I'm piecing together. My sis-in-law gave me about 60 afghan squares and I'm crocheting the edge with black. Once that is done, sewing up time. It will make a nice little blanket. Might use it on the couch or for one of the beds. We shall see.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley by Emilyannamarie
Flat Stanley, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

makes his way at the Gottshall's.

Rise and Shine!

USA Flag

Sweet Friday is upon us. We've got a 3 day weekend to look forward to. Yes, it's a mixed blessing...part of it is to honor those who have served in the military. We will visit some graves and think about family and friends who have done this.

Hand sewn American flag by my Mom
We've been having a rough week...colds, coughing, and pink eye. :( It doesn't help that my sleep schedule is off from certain little people waking up too early/late. I guess it's better to be too early then sleep in for hours.

I'm happy to report I've got my work in the mail and hopefully, it will reach the office in time today. I finished 2 new works in 3 days. I'm feeling pretty proud of this accomplishment.

Once this sore throat/cough goes away, I'll be even happier. My ankle is feeling much better (from a sprain) but my bunions are painful. Does anyone else have them? They are so painful and for some reason makes my big toe look bruised. I've asked about operations but I'm a little afraid of the idea...but the pain is so excruciating...feels like I can hardly walk at times. We shall see. I'll keep doing my stretches and if it's not better, will see the doctor, again.

I'm grateful for Friday. It's still a hustle and bustle sort of day but I look forward to the afternoon when we just throw our back packs in a corner and run off to do our own thing with no homework and thoughts on planning a family movie. :)

I'm praying all goes well with my Mom and Dad. They are going through some stress as they get things ready for moving. My dad is still in the hospital. I had the best dream about this. I dreamt he woke up and was talking and chatting with everyone. Jon told me and said, it's a miracle! I remember feeling so relieved. Praying something similar happens.
for my sis.
Sometimes I forget this, my Mom is an incredible person. She has gone through so much and she keeps on going even with all her pains and heart aches. I'm so proud of her. I'm proud of my mom and how she handles everything to best she can do. :)

Now, if I can just get my self going and stop yawning. This is what I get for staying up till 1am instead of going back to bed after my nap. I started sketching and forgot the time.
Cats Group 11

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gingko yellows and greens I'm in a really great group on-line that is supportive about some changes in my life. Someone brought up quotes that inspire and this one was shared, "The difference between suffering which destroys us and suffering which transforms us begins with the presence of a caring, thoughtful other who is willing to acknowledge that brokenness with us." -Ron Johnson, Ph.D. And I thought, wow...this is so, so true. This is the very essence of love. You can read the entire essay, here. In other news, my Mom is getting ready for her move. She had some strange situation with someone stealing her info (along with other people's ID). The good thing is the FBI is taking care of it. So, I know she is protected...but still annoying as she has to call and cancel all sorts of things and inform various companies. Still, I'm glad there are agencies to protect people. Feeling pretty good about doing some art things...finished 2 more pieces for a juries art show and am getting that stuff ready to submit. Next, putting together some new things for zazzle (my on-line shop). :) Hopefully, I can do this soon. I can't believe it's nearly Memorial Day. On that topic, I can't believe summer is nearly here. We've been lucky with the weather...even if we didn't get very many (2) lilac flowers. My mom-in-law thinks the weather messed with their blooming and they basically fizzed out. I agree. That heat wave, lovely though it was, really did end up lowering the flower blooms. But I'm secretly glad as my allergies weren't as bad this year; only an occasional flare up.

Don't you love that Ginkgo photo? I took that a few years back. I love ginkgo trees...I have a pic my mom took when I was a baby staring up at our ginkgo. :)

group Thought this was a cute photo. I've had it for quite a few years. When we used to live in Hollywood, the lady who had lived there left albums behind. This was in one of those albums. :) I love finding things like this. We've even found photos in our current home, how the previous owners decorated our house, etc. So fun and interesting. Oh, I have to mention one really cool thing. When my parents lost their home about 8 years ago, all of their stuff was thrown out. Literally, thrown into a dumpster and an empty lot. My dad tried to get as many things as he could. My mom, of course, was devastated (thank God, she survived and is much better now). We thought a lot of things were gone forever. Well, along comes a perfect stranger and finds all this stuff there. He looks through it, and finds papers with my dad's name on it, and an old camera. He actually looks up and finds my dad! He contacts him, and brought him back the papers and camera. This is what makes me know there are some excellent people out there. He didn't know my dad. He just thought, I will bring him what was lost. Who ever that person is, I thank you and hope someone can do the same for you some day. I know this touched my parents very much. :) I truly believe that doing good will beget good for that person whether they know it or not.

Monday, May 21, 2012

New work at my Etsy shop

I've got some new work on Etsy...more to come as well!

"how to reach your potential have to reach for it." I love this photograph by Brooke Shaden. So beautiful and strong as well as the words that go with it.

how to reach your potential

Jack Johnson- Good People

Thought of this song...I believe people are better then they realize.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blair County Arts Foundation Festival

This is the weekend for the Arts Festival but I'm feeling sick and won't be able to go. I have 3 pieces at the show. Maybe when Jon goes to pick them up tonight, he can get a picture of them for me. I just feel so achy and tired...Plus, Harry got up about midnight crying and was not happy. Either bad dreams or stuffy nose. Either way, we're taking the day easy. The gals and Jon are at church. They cleaned up nicely. Jon is actually not feeling 100% either and has been coughing a lot. Hopefully, this will be all and we can clear up fast.
blue bird

Anyway, I'm working on 3 new pieces to submit for another juried art show due this week. Wish me luck. I've got blisters from carving wood earlier in the week.

We've been doing yard work and things are looking good in our yard. Little by little we're getting things done. :) It would help if we didn't have allergies and colds all the time, but such is the way of life.

My dad wasn't doing too good and had to go to the hospital. He had a fever of 103.9, an infection (several) and needed blood again. There is some problem with him bleeding internally and we need to find out what it is and hopefully, stop it. My brother feels like this will help him get better quickly...esp. mentally. When he needs blood he totally falls apart mentally and regresses to a child-like state. We're not sure why this's upsetting and stressful;esp. for my mom. I have no idea how long he'll be in the hospital. If you pray or meditate please do so for my dad and family. It's so difficult. The good thing is my mom is going to be moving to a new apartment (much more affordable)and closer to my sister. We're just hoping that dad is stable and can handle the change. I just feel exhausted thinking about it and being so far away doesn't help. It just makes me feel depressed. I'm going to fight that feeling by praying and being positive. I have some good feelings about all these changes. :)


Here's Harry from a few weeks ago. :) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Green and rain and lovely Spring (Frida Kahlo wood carving)

guinea pig with strawberries

One of my new guinea pig watercolors. Isn't it cute?


It's been raining quite a bit lately...not in the flooding sense, thankfully. Just enough so the ground is getting a good drink, the grass and plants are growing and there is sun enough to dry things out. The basement only leaked a little, so I'm pleased.

I finished the Frida Kahlo wood carving:

Frida Khalo

The month of May is supposed to be in honor of the artist, Frida Kahlo. I loved this and did my own homage to her. I added some metal elements...I love using metal in my work. I hammered the metal to give it texture and created some "jewelry" for my Frida to wear. I'm going to list her on Etsy, soon.

I'm going to be submitting some more work to some juried art exhibits. Wish me luck. I hope to have them finished by this weekend, so I can photograph them, etc, etc. I have 1 that is nearly complete...going to add some metal embellishments and then carve two more. I wish I had bigger sheets of wood. I might add something to give it length...we shall see.

Spent an extra long amount of time outside. I actually watched the clouds while laying on a blanket with my youngest. I haven't done that in years. It was so peaceful and lovely. It made me feel better about a lot of aunt passing, my dad being so ill/not recovering as much as we'd like, and just the general state of life. It reminded me how much we need to embrace life and and take moments to just stare at the sky and know there is beauty and love if we look for it.

Poetry receiting

Poetry receiting by Emilyannamarie
Poetry receiting, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Betty Cat from flickr

umi no odori 1

I just love this woman's work! It gives me that feeling, grabs you by the heart and guts feeling, of awesome connectedness of nature and art.

Look at this:

toberu zou san

Isn't this just magical?! So sweet and charming. You can just feel the love/passion that was put into this piece...and it's fun! I've loved this artist's collages and now she is working in 3-D plush. Just amazing work~~

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love you, Mom!

Happy Mothers Day

late and gardening

So, Jon and I did this big haul of mulch...600 pounds. We pretty much covered a bunch of spots that needed some help. I'm glad it looks better. But in the process we completely forgot our nieces b-day. We were so embarrassed and felt so bad that we were late. We usually have family meals on Sunday, so this was why we got confused. :( :(  I'm just glad I had the present ready.

Of course, I forgot to bring the Mother's Day presents, and a sister-in-law b-day present. Everything was celebrated and I was sort of blah because I was SO tired from lifting & shoveling. Jon actually did more than me and I don't know how he had energy to do much of anything else.


Wild Rabbit 3

I know it's almost Mother's day but I had to write about how on Thursday my kids and their friend had an interesting rabbit encounter. Or I should say, rabbits. My youngest and I were waiting after school to pick up the kids when these 3 rabbits began to play and run around. We watched them from the car. When we got out, and waited for the kids, the rabbits actually were curious and came up to Harry. I was surprised and a little concerned but it was just sniffing the air. Still, I was cautious. I admit there was a bit of the Velveteen Rabbit scene flying before my eyes...It was very charming to see them gazing at each other. I love experiences like this. So unique to Pennsylvania. :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wizard of Oz

So, the Mishlar, our local theater, is putting on the Wizard of Oz.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

I'm jealous. My eldest gets to go. I'm happy for her. But I'd be even happier with tickets to see this show too. :) :)  Oh, well...I'm sure she'll have a great time.

I really need to get season tickets next year. Or else, volunteer so I can see the the behind the scenes stuff. :)


Well, someone is sick. Not sure what happened, over indulged in pizza, got in the garbage or what have you but she is not feeling well. Poor Penny. Oddly, I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday...too much greasy pizza, I think. So, hopefully, she'll feel better by tomorrow. Jon and Harrison are also feeling yucky. I think we're not used to pizza from Papa John's.

Today was very busy...lots of crafts with the kiddo (he's finally painting!!) and Mr. Curiosity reminds me so much of my self. I don't know how my parents ever had kids after me...seriously. He is such a handful but he is so sweet, usually, too. :) I just wish I could make his quiet time happen about 1pm instead of 2:30pm. I'd get an hour to my self, sort of.

Anyway, little by little I'm getting things done. I have about 15-20 new watercolors I'm going to print on Zazzle. I really like how they are coming out. I'm starting with guinea pigs and kitties. Next, I'll do some sweet ferrets and hedgehogs.

One thing that is so neat about a 3 year old painting, they are so expressive and jump right into their work. This actually took Harrison awhile to do...he was a bit scared of getting his hands dirty (still a little hesitant). And I know why...we were finger painting last year on the front porch when our obsessive neighbor started to do some leaf blowing...REALLY loud. It scared all of us but esp. little Harrison. :( There is so much noise pollution around where I live. It's very annoying. Yet, it is better then were we used to live (by a freeway...there was a 15 foot stone wall protecting the neighborhood but it was still awful). Plus, our neighbors here just don't seem to care if they are bothering people with dust/noise. On Sunday, they mowed like there was no one in the yard (I was having a family gathering...why would anyone mow on a Sunday esp. if you mowed on Friday?!?). Obsessive, much? Sorry for venting. It just boggles my mind at what a waste of time it is. I could go on about other things too but I'll control my self.

Anyway, now he is over his fear of painting and LOVES it. :) He really likes to stamp with the paint and we made "hedgehogs" all over the paper. I've got to take pics of that. :) Have a good Wednesday. 

Friday, May 04, 2012


The Tiger's Gift

dog washing and general crazy cleaning

Why is it every time there is a heat wave, I go crazy spring cleaning on everything. Today was no exception...4 loads of laundry, washed 2 dogs, removed old caulking on tub and cleaning up stuff. However, the dining room is a mess, my fingers hurt from cleaning/ removing caulking and I started about 4 projects when I should have finished 3. I'm not too worried about the tub. If it's not ready for showers, I'll beg to use Jon's parents. Actually, I don't have to beg...they are very nice. :) I have to finish the art for the juror's show (get the hanging elements done) and drop off tomorrow. I hope I can start carving the Khalo piece I started. I don't know because right now my fingers are killing me. I found out a great way to remove that bathroom gunk/dead skin stuff that builds up on tubs. No chemicals or scrub brushes. As long as your tub isn't coated in plastic or some soft material, you can use a razor blade! I don't know how much time/money and comet I've wasted on scrubbing only to have a very basic and still grimy cleaning. A little water and if you want soap (body soap is fine), scrap the tub and it's clean with in 5 to 6 minutes. I love it. I got annoyed with Jon this evening. I was tired and frustrated because I did all these things. When he saw the tub, he didn't say anything until I brought it up. For some reason, this made me feel like he didn't want to help and I got really annoyed. I know I'm tired and probably a little dehydrated...still, I wish he'd say, "let me do the rest for you. You've done a lot" or "wow, that's an incredible amount of work, why not go to bed while I finish up". I didn't get any of those responses. :( Let's just say it's not a good thing to argue with a woman who has gone a bit mad. lol We already made up...but I am still tired. Anyway, Jon blow dried the tub edging and went to get some sort of trim thing that will cover the tub/wall better. Hopefully, this will work and not come up/get worse. I'd prefer tiles but something is better than nothing. I was planning on doing caulking (which will probably be used too). Any who, the big excitement at our house.


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