Wizard of Oz

So, the Mishlar, our local theater, is putting on the Wizard of Oz.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

I'm jealous. My eldest gets to go. I'm happy for her. But I'd be even happier with tickets to see this show too. :) :)  Oh, well...I'm sure she'll have a great time.

I really need to get season tickets next year. Or else, volunteer so I can see the the behind the scenes stuff. :)


Well, someone is sick. Not sure what happened, over indulged in pizza, got in the garbage or what have you but she is not feeling well. Poor Penny. Oddly, I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday...too much greasy pizza, I think. So, hopefully, she'll feel better by tomorrow. Jon and Harrison are also feeling yucky. I think we're not used to pizza from Papa John's.

Today was very busy...lots of crafts with the kiddo (he's finally painting!!) and Mr. Curiosity reminds me so much of my self. I don't know how my parents ever had kids after me...seriously. He is such a handful but he is so sweet, usually, too. :) I just wish I could make his quiet time happen about 1pm instead of 2:30pm. I'd get an hour to my self, sort of.

Anyway, little by little I'm getting things done. I have about 15-20 new watercolors I'm going to print on Zazzle. I really like how they are coming out. I'm starting with guinea pigs and kitties. Next, I'll do some sweet ferrets and hedgehogs.

One thing that is so neat about a 3 year old painting, they are so expressive and jump right into their work. This actually took Harrison awhile to do...he was a bit scared of getting his hands dirty (still a little hesitant). And I know why...we were finger painting last year on the front porch when our obsessive neighbor started to do some leaf blowing...REALLY loud. It scared all of us but esp. little Harrison. :( There is so much noise pollution around where I live. It's very annoying. Yet, it is better then were we used to live (by a freeway...there was a 15 foot stone wall protecting the neighborhood but it was still awful). Plus, our neighbors here just don't seem to care if they are bothering people with dust/noise. On Sunday, they mowed like there was no one in the yard (I was having a family gathering...why would anyone mow on a Sunday esp. if you mowed on Friday?!?). Obsessive, much? Sorry for venting. It just boggles my mind at what a waste of time it is. I could go on about other things too but I'll control my self.

Anyway, now he is over his fear of painting and LOVES it. :) He really likes to stamp with the paint and we made "hedgehogs" all over the paper. I've got to take pics of that. :) Have a good Wednesday. 


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