dog washing and general crazy cleaning

Why is it every time there is a heat wave, I go crazy spring cleaning on everything. Today was no exception...4 loads of laundry, washed 2 dogs, removed old caulking on tub and cleaning up stuff. However, the dining room is a mess, my fingers hurt from cleaning/ removing caulking and I started about 4 projects when I should have finished 3. I'm not too worried about the tub. If it's not ready for showers, I'll beg to use Jon's parents. Actually, I don't have to beg...they are very nice. :) I have to finish the art for the juror's show (get the hanging elements done) and drop off tomorrow. I hope I can start carving the Khalo piece I started. I don't know because right now my fingers are killing me. I found out a great way to remove that bathroom gunk/dead skin stuff that builds up on tubs. No chemicals or scrub brushes. As long as your tub isn't coated in plastic or some soft material, you can use a razor blade! I don't know how much time/money and comet I've wasted on scrubbing only to have a very basic and still grimy cleaning. A little water and if you want soap (body soap is fine), scrap the tub and it's clean with in 5 to 6 minutes. I love it. I got annoyed with Jon this evening. I was tired and frustrated because I did all these things. When he saw the tub, he didn't say anything until I brought it up. For some reason, this made me feel like he didn't want to help and I got really annoyed. I know I'm tired and probably a little dehydrated...still, I wish he'd say, "let me do the rest for you. You've done a lot" or "wow, that's an incredible amount of work, why not go to bed while I finish up". I didn't get any of those responses. :( Let's just say it's not a good thing to argue with a woman who has gone a bit mad. lol We already made up...but I am still tired. Anyway, Jon blow dried the tub edging and went to get some sort of trim thing that will cover the tub/wall better. Hopefully, this will work and not come up/get worse. I'd prefer tiles but something is better than nothing. I was planning on doing caulking (which will probably be used too). Any who, the big excitement at our house.


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