Weekend rainy and muddling

The kids are having a sleep over and have started off with chatting, sweets and now are settling down to watch "Howl's Moving Castle". :) A classic at our house, to be sure.

It was a nice day at church, even though I was terrible and late and half the laundry didn't dry making me later. Still, we got out the door and that is what matters.

I've got to start doing more auctions on Ebay and Etsy. I'll be giving a lower price at Ebay but if a person wants to buy an item without all the fuss of bidding, Etsy is the spot. I'll be adding new things to my Zazzle as well. :) Just need to get my self organized.

Lately, we've been having extremely hot and humid weather. In fact, it looks like it's about to have a thunder storm, again. It's in the late 80's temp and tomorrow is supposed to be 90! Wow. The plants love this weather but it does feel a bit exhausting on our old bones and such. Still, the green is so, so gorgeous!

The house smells like popcorn...Jon just made a batch for the kids. Pizza is baking and I'm typing here with the air conditioner blowing at me. The sky is so dark and it's almost 6pm...a storm is a brewing~ How exciting. Just hope it's not too serious.

I'm going to work on the afghan blanket I'm piecing together. My sis-in-law gave me about 60 afghan squares and I'm crocheting the edge with black. Once that is done, sewing up time. It will make a nice little blanket. Might use it on the couch or for one of the beds. We shall see.


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