Gingko yellows and greens I'm in a really great group on-line that is supportive about some changes in my life. Someone brought up quotes that inspire and this one was shared, "The difference between suffering which destroys us and suffering which transforms us begins with the presence of a caring, thoughtful other who is willing to acknowledge that brokenness with us." -Ron Johnson, Ph.D. And I thought, wow...this is so, so true. This is the very essence of love. You can read the entire essay, here. In other news, my Mom is getting ready for her move. She had some strange situation with someone stealing her info (along with other people's ID). The good thing is the FBI is taking care of it. So, I know she is protected...but still annoying as she has to call and cancel all sorts of things and inform various companies. Still, I'm glad there are agencies to protect people. Feeling pretty good about doing some art things...finished 2 more pieces for a juries art show and am getting that stuff ready to submit. Next, putting together some new things for zazzle (my on-line shop). :) Hopefully, I can do this soon. I can't believe it's nearly Memorial Day. On that topic, I can't believe summer is nearly here. We've been lucky with the weather...even if we didn't get very many (2) lilac flowers. My mom-in-law thinks the weather messed with their blooming and they basically fizzed out. I agree. That heat wave, lovely though it was, really did end up lowering the flower blooms. But I'm secretly glad as my allergies weren't as bad this year; only an occasional flare up.

Don't you love that Ginkgo photo? I took that a few years back. I love ginkgo trees...I have a pic my mom took when I was a baby staring up at our ginkgo. :)

group Thought this was a cute photo. I've had it for quite a few years. When we used to live in Hollywood, the lady who had lived there left albums behind. This was in one of those albums. :) I love finding things like this. We've even found photos in our current home, how the previous owners decorated our house, etc. So fun and interesting. Oh, I have to mention one really cool thing. When my parents lost their home about 8 years ago, all of their stuff was thrown out. Literally, thrown into a dumpster and an empty lot. My dad tried to get as many things as he could. My mom, of course, was devastated (thank God, she survived and is much better now). We thought a lot of things were gone forever. Well, along comes a perfect stranger and finds all this stuff there. He looks through it, and finds papers with my dad's name on it, and an old camera. He actually looks up and finds my dad! He contacts him, and brought him back the papers and camera. This is what makes me know there are some excellent people out there. He didn't know my dad. He just thought, I will bring him what was lost. Who ever that person is, I thank you and hope someone can do the same for you some day. I know this touched my parents very much. :) I truly believe that doing good will beget good for that person whether they know it or not.


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