Rise and Shine!

USA Flag

Sweet Friday is upon us. We've got a 3 day weekend to look forward to. Yes, it's a mixed blessing...part of it is to honor those who have served in the military. We will visit some graves and think about family and friends who have done this.

Hand sewn American flag by my Mom
We've been having a rough week...colds, coughing, and pink eye. :( It doesn't help that my sleep schedule is off from certain little people waking up too early/late. I guess it's better to be too early then sleep in for hours.

I'm happy to report I've got my work in the mail and hopefully, it will reach the office in time today. I finished 2 new works in 3 days. I'm feeling pretty proud of this accomplishment.

Once this sore throat/cough goes away, I'll be even happier. My ankle is feeling much better (from a sprain) but my bunions are painful. Does anyone else have them? They are so painful and for some reason makes my big toe look bruised. I've asked about operations but I'm a little afraid of the idea...but the pain is so excruciating...feels like I can hardly walk at times. We shall see. I'll keep doing my stretches and if it's not better, will see the doctor, again.

I'm grateful for Friday. It's still a hustle and bustle sort of day but I look forward to the afternoon when we just throw our back packs in a corner and run off to do our own thing with no homework and thoughts on planning a family movie. :)

I'm praying all goes well with my Mom and Dad. They are going through some stress as they get things ready for moving. My dad is still in the hospital. I had the best dream about this. I dreamt he woke up and was talking and chatting with everyone. Jon told me and said, it's a miracle! I remember feeling so relieved. Praying something similar happens.
for my sis.
Sometimes I forget this, my Mom is an incredible person. She has gone through so much and she keeps on going even with all her pains and heart aches. I'm so proud of her. I'm proud of my mom and how she handles everything to best she can do. :)

Now, if I can just get my self going and stop yawning. This is what I get for staying up till 1am instead of going back to bed after my nap. I started sketching and forgot the time.
Cats Group 11

Have a good weekend!


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