Betty Cat from flickr

umi no odori 1

I just love this woman's work! It gives me that feeling, grabs you by the heart and guts feeling, of awesome connectedness of nature and art.

Look at this:

toberu zou san

Isn't this just magical?! So sweet and charming. You can just feel the love/passion that was put into this piece...and it's fun! I've loved this artist's collages and now she is working in 3-D plush. Just amazing work~~


Fadas de Luz said…
Maravilhoso. Não havia visto um trqbalho de artes assim há muito tempo. Criativo.
anabosković said…
Wow! Thanks for showing me! I'm fascinated!!
anabosković said…
Wow! I'm fascinated! Thanks for showing me!

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