Green and rain and lovely Spring (Frida Kahlo wood carving)

guinea pig with strawberries

One of my new guinea pig watercolors. Isn't it cute?


It's been raining quite a bit lately...not in the flooding sense, thankfully. Just enough so the ground is getting a good drink, the grass and plants are growing and there is sun enough to dry things out. The basement only leaked a little, so I'm pleased.

I finished the Frida Kahlo wood carving:

Frida Khalo

The month of May is supposed to be in honor of the artist, Frida Kahlo. I loved this and did my own homage to her. I added some metal elements...I love using metal in my work. I hammered the metal to give it texture and created some "jewelry" for my Frida to wear. I'm going to list her on Etsy, soon.

I'm going to be submitting some more work to some juried art exhibits. Wish me luck. I hope to have them finished by this weekend, so I can photograph them, etc, etc. I have 1 that is nearly complete...going to add some metal embellishments and then carve two more. I wish I had bigger sheets of wood. I might add something to give it length...we shall see.

Spent an extra long amount of time outside. I actually watched the clouds while laying on a blanket with my youngest. I haven't done that in years. It was so peaceful and lovely. It made me feel better about a lot of aunt passing, my dad being so ill/not recovering as much as we'd like, and just the general state of life. It reminded me how much we need to embrace life and and take moments to just stare at the sky and know there is beauty and love if we look for it.


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