Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Warmer days...sort of.

It's warmed up a tad...but nothing like I'd enjoy it to warm up to. Lately, I've been having the strangest dreams...usually about houses and visiting homes that family members live in or art related in some way. Very odd. One dream, was a home combined with various families and they were all connected. That's not hard to understand...I guess I want to visit my family in CA. Boy, do I ever want to see them. Sigh...

But some of the dreams have to do with an "Art House". Usually it's on some farm-like property with these gorgeous trees and over grown garden. Feels sort of like the film Antonia's Line. So, funny...

Anyway, besides dreaming a lot, I've been getting used to having the baby here. He's really great, actually and sleeps a lot. But boy, don't touch him if your hands are cold. Talk about crying to high heavens! lol! I've never seen such a bad reaction to cold. He LOVES taking a warm bath...he calms down instantly and just enjoys it so much. He's really doing good otherwise. He had a touch of jaundice but I think it's nearly gone. I was worried about that for awhile.

We had the cousins come over...a mad dash to clean by Jon and otherwise, calming visit. Then, Jon went to cover the museum...about 30 people came by and a photographer from the local newspaper came by and was interviewing people. So, that was cool. Hopefully, things are all right. Jon had to close early as I nearly forgot about the Girls Scouts tonight...Dad-in-law dropped them off. So, all in all things seem to be going well. I really hope I get better fast (c-sections take longer to heal, apparently) but I know I will have to slow down a bit. I wish I could use a ray from Star Trek to heal myself but that's only a dream.

Anyway, things are going good. I just wish there were two of me, again. I wish my mom would come out for a visit...hint, hint. :) We could bake cookies, mom! :)

Well, I've gotta run. Wish I had a bit of magic and could get things done with a wrinkle of my nose like Samantha on Bewitched...

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I know this is terrible. But I'm having a mega cookie feelings...and we don't have any in the house. I was able to get Jon to make a batch of sugar cookies the day before Christmas eve...they came out pretty darn good for his first try. Now, they are all gone. I hope to goodness he will get some Danish ones. I love them, perhaps, a bit too much. Oh, how I wish I had some homemade cookies and mint tea. :(

One of the reasons for being tempted, is my constant viewing of people's homemade wonderfulness on flickr. The cookies I've seen! They don't have to be perfect looking (in fact, the less perfect the better, no guilt nibbling on them). I'm thinking of my aunt's cookies...she used to make some with peanut butter and chop suey thingies...So good! Sigh...Or the peacan ones, someone made a year or so ago. Plus, there was the cookie exchange for the homeschoolers (which I couldn't partake in this time). Dang! DANG! I missed it all. I'm going to bake as soon as I feel better. And this time, I'll ice the sugar cookies before we eat them all up.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wonderful World shadow puppet

"Science of Sleep"

A messy home equals a happy home

That's how I feel. My house is messy, smells of cookies, mint chocolate coco, baby wipes and has crumbs and bits of wrapping through out the living room, dining room and upstairs. And yet, there is a peaceful happiness to being blessed with these bits of paper and what nots. Sure, we'll clean up but for now, we're happy and content in our mess. Esp. the popcorn mess (we got a popcorn maker from sissy...and boy, does that smell good). I don't really mind and it's these times that are so fleeting and young, I suppose (that's what everyone is telling me), this is what I should be thinking about. I'm so glad to have my little one here and help to remind me of all the times we had with my two gals. Where have the years gone? They have moved so quickly...too quickly. There is so much a new addition adds to a home...certainly, time becomes an issue, money seems to fly away with diapers and life balances out in a different way. All in all, a baby is a great thing...for me, he helps me to remember all the experiences I had with my little whirlwinds. Thank goodness. I sometimes feel like I forget so much in all the haze of life. And I feel glad to embrace new experiences with him.

We had a great Christmas...I still need to send out some late presents...things I was working on when I got a little pause. We also went to mom-in-laws for dinner…it was really good steak with potatoes and green beans. Plus, stuffing rolled into balls and baked…boy, was that good. I didn’t feel like I ate too much because I forgot to eat lunch (actually, I slept through lunch as I was so tired from the night before).

It was a bit funny, as we exchanged gifts with my sis-in-law and their kids. Their little one, who is 3, had a total tantrum about getting a gift. She really liked the wrapping paper on another gift but made such a fuss, it was a bit much. I guess she was tired or something. Otherwise, it was a relaxed evening…the biggest excitement being getting to their house when the world seems shrouded in ice. Oh, the ice…slippery and vexing, a demon of deception…tamed only briefly by salt. Never in my life have I been so vehemently opposed to something from nature as ice. Thankfully, Jon threw lots of salt, so much so, his hands are red chapped things. Poor dear…

Well, I think I'll go and get ready for bed. It's been a long day and sleep sounds really, really good. :) Merry Christmas to everyone! Stay warm...I'm dreaming of palm trees and warm breezes. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My early Christmas gift!

Welcome baby Harrison Gottshall! :)

Born: December 18 2008 12:20 am
We're all very happy, doing well and happy to be home. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Knitting lesson for woodland creatures

I found this from one of my contacts on flickr...had to share it! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wish upon a star

Wish upon a star, originally uploaded by emily999.

I did these about 2 weeks ago...I was waiting to list these as I thought I'd be in labor now. I may list some tonight...I really like this one. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gentle Reminders...

I was reading this and thought it was a good thing share...I liked a lot of the suggestions as they are simple and sweet. I could see an adaptation for doing this with friends as well...

I got a great email from my sis and boy, did it make me feel better. Funny, how writing to someone who knows you, can make a difference on how you feel. Just a good feeling. :)

I'm still here, waiting for things to progress with baby #3...I may go in earlier as I want things to progress faster...I'm almost ashamed to say but the ultra sound said this kids weighing at 10 pounds 11 ounces. It's based on measurements and since we are both tall, I guess, this would make sense he'd weight a bit more. Sigh...Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

The weather is turning icy and cold. Schools are closing down and, I really feel good about homeschooling now! It's a relief not to have to trudge out there. I guess I'm a bit spoiled by my memories of S. California school life. Boy, did we have it good...boring as heck, but good. No wonder we were all tan and brown...we had way more sun exposure and outside play. Oddly, the air quality wasn't that great; still isn't. I'd have to say that this area has better air and is just cleaner. Maybe people care more around here or less population/combination. Of course, if you went back a 100 years, there'd be a lot of pollution with coal burning/trains. It's a bit ironic that things get cleaned up once all the industry dies away (at least old industry).

Jon is anxious about the baby...I'm glad as I was starting to think everyone was too nonchalant about this. I'm excited and nervous but mostly annoyed the weather is so cold/icy. I don't want to have to rush in bad weather but either way, it looks like I'll have to deal with it. I'm ready...I've got my yak traks/bags set to go.

Well, other than that, just doing school work with the kids, planning on doing some baking (maybe), and taking it easy. For the first time in a while, I'm sleeping like a baby and don't have insomnia. Amazing.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Just give me the yummies, please

Give me the yummies, please, originally uploaded by emily999.

Hollidaysburg Alumni Children's Chorus

Singing in the kids chorus...3rd red shirt, front row.

I'm still here...

Waiting...and doing stuff in the process. I'm trying to walk around more (in the house) but it's annoying because I have to turn around quickly and I get dizzy.

I'm also tired as I went to the market to get a few things but spent a wee bit more than I thought. I got some of that baby detergent and hopefully, it's worth it. I started to feel like I wasn't doing enough for when the baby is here. We finally found a spot in our room for the bassinet...I read that babies are very sensitive to heat/heaters and found a place to not have the baby right in front of a heat vent.

It's a relief to focus in on what needs to be done for baby. Next, I've got to wash a bunch of baby stuff, organize a few other things and get the gals ready for a trip to stay with grandma/pa. I think everything's mostly accounted for...pet care is to be done, hopefully, by an auntie.

Other than this, I think I'm ready...I'll be late with Christmas presents, but that's not too unusual for me. I'm terrible.

Well, I wish it was bedtime, but it's not. I feel really tired right now; was out a bit more than I planned. That cold air really knocks you out!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Science of Sleep Music Video

just makes me happy...

Ice Dance - Edward Scissorhands stage

never knew there was a ballet based on this film...rather nice, actually.


Words escape me right now...I feel like we're, the US, is finally going to go in a direction that will uplift and unite. Amazing. I know this will be a great thing for so many people...

In other news, I thought for sure I was going to go into labor last night. I mean, I REALLY thought I was. But I was suspcious too as the kiddo's had the stomach flu. Guess I did too. Darn...because I was ready to go! :) The good thing is I didn't have to miss an event for the museum, won't miss the kids concert and things seem to be inching their way along. I just want everything to go well and be healthy.

We participated in the Winter Wonderland event...it's through the United Way at the local inside plaza downtown. It was so cool...mainly because people came and there was life and activity. Plus, I had no idea how big the place was inside! I mean REALLY big...lots of store fronts and so nice as it's protected from the weather. I really enjoyed it. At first, I was a bit frazzeled but that was because I had no idea that it was going to be this big and I was late. I wish I had gotten there a half hour earlier...but it was all right in the end. The people were so nice and coordinated! The museum will definitely do this again next year. I had little angels and wreaths for kids to make...simple and gave away cards and lollipops. I must say, it was very nice. Then, my sis-in-law came over and had took all the kids to see Santa and then covered the table for me to walk around with the kids. Thank you, Jenny! :) I had a good time and walked around wearing the Quaint Corner Apron (walking advertisement!) and visiting booths/tables. It was a lot of fun. That plaza should thing of doing this once a month during the cold season. They would make out like bandits and help local businesses/organizations in the process.

Then, we had lunch and Jon went over to work the table with his sis. I relaxed (sort of) at the museum and got a few things done there. I still would like to put up some window art...but I feel sort of tired thinking about it. Ah, well...

Anyway, working on a number of projects...who knows if I'll get anything complete. I wish there were 3 of me...but then, we'd probably all get in a fight and not speak to each other again! lol!

There's a girl scouts meeting coming up and I have to think about that next. If I can't make it, I'll try to get someone else to take the kiddos. Again, so much is happening but all is well.

Here's a pic of the kids and Sampson...Lydia kept making a silly face but I finally got her to smile when I said, "Sampson's smiling, too." :)

Kitty time

Sniff and a kiss

Sniffs and kiss, originally uploaded by emily999.

Lately, the kids have been bonding to our furry friends. This is Sampson, the only cat that does not get put in clothing. He's very adamant about this...

a happy piggie

a happy piggie, originally uploaded by emily999.

a bit of sweetness...when they let you pick them up. We gave her lots of fresh salad greens before this was taken.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sick kiddos

I feel a bit down as I had to miss the last art class...it was just too much (not so much for me, though I felt really tired) for my youngest. I guess she has a stomach flu...we visited a friend and she had an explosion there. Poor kid...then, another one when we got home and still another one. There was one last night but I thought it was due to milk/cheese consumption. But it looks like a tummy flu. Yucky.

So, we took today easy and decided not to push the poor kids into going/spreading more germs. I feel bad about going out to visit (didn't realize it was a flu thing!).

Anyway, we'll survive. The weather must have dropped 20 degrees as it's cold...I had the thermostat down at 45 and now, I have had to turn it up to 60. It's that cold...all in a few hours. I really feel the difference about 2-3pm. This seems to be when the temps really drop and ice can be a serious issue/danger. This is one reason I do cyber school...I just don't want anyone falling down or getting into an accident...and of course, schools are let out at about this time too.

I lost my glasses again and have my trusty old pair. I can hardly wait to get another pair (in January). I tried contacts and I really am not the contact type...I get too nervous about touching my eye and they start spasming on me. So, frames are the way to go for me. I say that now when it's cold and not humid when my glasses slid off my nose. Oh, well.

It looks like we're going to have a white Christmas...25 degrees till the 13th of December, at least. I can't believe it. We had our first snow a few days before Halloween, it melted but came back in time for Thanksgiving. It just seems to be a lot colder this year. I hope we get a bit of a break...possibly by January. It just feels like the seasons have gotten mixed up and off track. Obviously, this has to do with pollution and, what I had read somewhere, large amounts of water being changed from their usual/normal coarse by dams, etc. Given these circumstances, no wonder everything is a bit out of sorts.

I'm feeling a lot better now that I am dealing with the sinus infection...I thought it was allergies for several weeks. Now, I know better. So, these past few days I've felt more like myself. Of course, I have to watch not going crazy with a bunch of projects...which is very tempting. :)

We did a girl scout thing last night too...ornament exchange. It was fun and the gals liked it most of the time. My eldest had to go chorus practice (their having a show on Saturday and Sunday...hope we all feel up to it) and left early. But I stayed with my youngest. I felt a bit tired after awhile (mostly from a tantruming Lydia...boy, she can be a pickle when she doesn't get her way). So, I sort of zoned out...I should have brought a coffee, but that probably wouldn't have been a good idea. Afterwards, we came home and read books. It was a nice time to bond a bit and just share with each other. Jon had Lydia and the choir director kept everyone later than she should have (esp. with little kids, you can't expect them to stay out past 8:30pm...they have school/schedules!). Lydia came back in a bad mood and was grumpy. She didn't fall asleep till 10:30 pm and after much comforting (she was annoyed the kids have to stand the whole time to sing...rightfully, so).

Anyway, the drama of kid life; guess that's normal. I've got a headache right now...I hope I'm not getting the stomach flu. That's just what I need with everything happening. Dang...
sleepy doggie

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

little sweater I knitted for the first time

don't look too close, I didn't use a pattern. I just wanted to see if I could do it, I guess.

writing out a party invitation...practice makes perfect

sweet, for a moment

sweet, for a moment, originally uploaded by emily999.

in the works

in the works, originally uploaded by emily999.

Cockatiel...so cute!

Cockatiel...so cute!, originally uploaded by emily999.

by my eldest gal.

piggie peak

piggie peak, originally uploaded by emily999.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Minor meltdowns

It seems to always hit about 11:30 am...the grumbly tummies of little ones. I have a feeling I was like that as a kid (actually, I know I was). I'd get grumpy and be a total Tasmanian devil until I got a snack. That's what happened to us today. The snack critters attacked and I had to have a break for snacks or else face the wrath of two grump monsters. (rolling eyes)

You'd think I didn't feed them breakfast or something. I'm just going to have to remember they need snacks at about 11:30 or else. Scary...Why do they never tell me they are hungry? They tell grandma...but not me. sigh...maybe, I'm not listening enough.

I'm still hanging in there, in terms of pregnancy. I've been feeling contractions but nothing steady...wish me luck because I really don't want to birth a 15 pounder or anything like that. I feel like I'm a guinea pig test subject...see how long she can go before she explodes. I know that's not true and I have a doctors appointment today...but really! I want this done...even labor sounds good (well, almost).

Well, at least we got a bit of school work done, for now. I'll be doing more. Also, we started doing girl scouts and I hope to go to one of their activities soon. Lots to do, but all is good.

I painted a bunch of paintings last night, about 30 and if everything goes smoothly this week, will post them on eBay. But I'm having second thoughts with being so close to labor, etc. So, we shall see.

The great thing is I'm much further along then I thought with cyber school...quite a bit actually. The kids are doing great and once the baby is here, maybe I can even show the grandparents how to do a few things and keep the pace going. :)


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