I know this is terrible. But I'm having a mega cookie feelings...and we don't have any in the house. I was able to get Jon to make a batch of sugar cookies the day before Christmas eve...they came out pretty darn good for his first try. Now, they are all gone. I hope to goodness he will get some Danish ones. I love them, perhaps, a bit too much. Oh, how I wish I had some homemade cookies and mint tea. :(

One of the reasons for being tempted, is my constant viewing of people's homemade wonderfulness on flickr. The cookies I've seen! They don't have to be perfect looking (in fact, the less perfect the better, no guilt nibbling on them). I'm thinking of my aunt's cookies...she used to make some with peanut butter and chop suey thingies...So good! Sigh...Or the peacan ones, someone made a year or so ago. Plus, there was the cookie exchange for the homeschoolers (which I couldn't partake in this time). Dang! DANG! I missed it all. I'm going to bake as soon as I feel better. And this time, I'll ice the sugar cookies before we eat them all up.


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